World's Largest QR Code Is Stupidly Pointless

This is officially the world's largest QR code. Carved into a field of maze in Alberta, Canada, it measures 28,760 square metres and links to the Kraay Family Farm website.

Photographs of it -- all invariably taken at an angle unless the photographer happens to be a satellite -- don't seem to work particularly well with QR readers, which makes this dumber than every other QR code. The only people able to make use of it are helicopter pilots. So, that's worth it? [Kraay Family Farm via CBC]


    What with Google Earth and all, maybe they're hoping that the photographer WILL be a satellite. Certainly shows a lot more innovation and imagination than Gizmodo with relation to this technology.

    It got them some free publicity and a linkback on Gizmondo. So maybe it's not as ineffective as you think.

    I imagine they did it to get free advertising from google maps once discovered and updated.

    I guess it depends on your app.... i was able to scan that image quite easily.... its just an interesting way of advertising things.... which would lose its impact if every farmer did it...

    That shit Kraay

    Actually that's kind of awesome.

    And they're now in the Guiness World Records.. yup.. doesn't seem pointless at all from a marketing standpoint.. and what other point is there to QR codes really? I find QR codes to be particularly pointless in themselves.. very niche..

    Hey Gizmodo, I think you are quite wrong. Sure, few people are going to see it from the air, let alone scan it. Sure, they stuffed up their marketing by not having a very scannable pic of it to put online (needs to be straight down, and without cloud cover to have perfect contrast.
    BUT they have achieved something quite memorable. They cut mazes for their farm every year anyway - it serves as the maze. They have taken technology and used it well. They have tons of publicity, which has become viral in itself, which I might humbly add, I predicted.
    And they have an official world record. They have created something bigger than themselves, something of value, synergistically, even if only temporarily.
    Hey Gizmodo, ya critic, what have you done lately? Where is your world record? Where is the next tall poppy to cut down?

      To your credit, Gizmodo, what you have done is contributed to the publicity of The Maze, stirred the interest of readers, kept up with your field of interest, asked a question and got me to respond. Well done!

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