World's First Manned Nanocomposite Boat Will Chase Pirates At 70km/h

The new Zyvex Marine LRV-17 Long Range Vessel is a special kind of boat. The world's first manned water vessel made of nanocomposites, its hull is reinforced with carbon nanotubes to make it tougher and stronger — which is why it's going to be used to chase pirates.

The boat has a range of more than 1500 nautical miles — almost three times that of similar-sized boats — and it can hit 40 knots in the right conditions. That's all helped along by the fact that its nanocomposite constitution makes it significantly lighter (read: faster and more efficient). The boat needs just two operators, but the 17m craft can accommodate seven passengers in total for up to four days.

Its deep V-shaped hull uses active gyroscope stabilisation to make it highly manoeuvrable as well as fast. That's why the first boats are being purchased by Global Maritime Security Solutions, based in Dubai, to police piracy off the coast of Africa. Bad luck, pirates. [Zyvex Marine via Design News]

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