Windows Server 2012: The Key New Features Explained [Video]

Windows Server: Windows Server 2012 launched last week and made its official debut yesterday, but what are the key new features? We sat down with Phil Goldie, server and tools business group lead at Microsoft Australia, at TechEd Australia 2012 to discuss what's been added in the latest release.

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Goldie points out that a new physical server running Windows Server comes online every five minutes in Australia. He also highlights serious improvements such as a fourfold increase in the number of virtual machines supported on the platform and maximum virtual disk size up from 2TB to 64TB, and discusses the role of System Center for management. Check out the video above to learn more.

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Disclosure: Jason Cartwright is attending TechEd 2012 as a guest of Microsoft.


    "we decided that what servers were really missing is a touch interface. So we put that in"

    Not a worthy server release. Storage groups is a regurgitated server 2003-home server tech (software raids). Touch interfaces and Live tiles have no place on the server OS. Most organisations that run a network use much more sophisticated monitoring software to display real-time data from devices that are more than likely not a Microsoft product. What we got is this ugly mess.

    Like many strategic technologies, Microsoft just keeps missing the 8 ball and releasing these half complete products way to late.

    "how do we manage a data center". Well Microsoft's product is certainly not a good enough product. All you need to do is take a single glance at the management tools.


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