Will The iPhone 5 Be As Ridiculous As This 1989 Transportable Phone In 20 Years?

I was only a wee pup in 1989 so I totally don't remember this ridiculously awesome Radio Shack "transportable" phone. My first memory of cell phones were brick-sized, not car battery-sized like this one. But still! It was portable! You could use it in your car! I wonder if we'll look back on the iPhone 5 in 20 years and laugh at how silly we once were for wanting a phone with a 4-inch touchscreen and aluminium case. [YouTube via BuzzFeed]


    I dont think there will be an iphone in 20 years, due to the amount of complaints coming from the new iphone 5 buyers atm. prolly no apple either.

      I doubt that very much Chris and i'd say so do the other 10 million (by the end of the year)iPhone 5 users.

      Lets reconvene in 20 years to see who's right.

        Chris sounds like one of those people who gleefully pronounced that apple was dead and HTC was about to take over the smartphone world when ANTENNAGATE was more important than air for some Android users.
        By the way - do HTC still make smartphones ?
        Just asking...

        As for phones, I would have thought in twenty years most communication would be done through some sort of audio visual implant, or at the very least - something wearable.

      What a stupid comment to make. Even if you are one of these people that falls into the anti-apple lot....its still a dumb statement.

      I'm with you Chris - as an iPhone user from the 3G to a 4S, I'm certain that I will be avoiding Apple for my next phone - the new one is rubbish! You've got to love apple's ability to make a product 'disposable' and convince people to shell out their cash - great marketing for sure!!!

        I've gone through a 3Gs and a 4 (Recently destroyed). I'm going phoneless until the Lumia 920 comes here.

    I look back at the Nokia 8250 and think how big phones are these days. Of course they didn't have 90% of the features we have these days but that was a small phone in its day.

    Lol "The most powerful, transportable, cellular phone system"

    I love apple. But honestly, they're not really doing it for me at the moment. The last couple of releases of iOS and iPhones have really just been "sub releases" in my view.
    Hence why I jumped ship this morning and went out and bought myself a HTC One X. Mah new babeh.

    I think it's only a matter of time before a lot of people do the same......

      Really, you're unhappy with the level of advancement in Apple's new phone, so you went out and switched to something that, essentially, is merely comparable? (Better in some areas, inferior in others, comes out about even - which, afte rall, is why you feel Apple's have been "sub-releases") I'm not knocking you decision to leave Apple, and the One X is a great phone, but why not wait a bit and get something that's actually better?

        Well when you put it that way it does sound a little odd.
        But I'm upgrading from iPhone 4, so it's still a step up for me. Would I have liked to wait for something better to come out, yes, but my home button was very faulty (plus the bill went up $20 for being out of contract, weird right?).
        I just feel they used to "push the boundaries" for mobiles, but then kinda stopped a few years ago. Once they get their mojo back, I'll be re-boarding the ship! aha

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