Who Won Our Guy Kawasaki Competition?

Who Won Our Guy Kawasaki Competition?

We got some great entries and questions for the upcoming Guy Kawasaki interview, but as always there can only be one winner, so who is going to rep Gizmodo in the interview with on Sunday?

Congratulations to Tim Bendall, who walked away with the spot to join the Google+ Hangout with Guy Kawasaki thanks to his two questions about Steve Jobs’ public image and the evolution of venture capital funding:

Here are the two questions he’ll be putting to Guy:

1) Do you think that venture capitalism and Kickstarter are two completely separate approaches to funding that have no cross-over? Do VCs now consider Kickstarter in their approach to new ventures and do VCs monitor Kickstarter for projects to pick up?
2) We’ve heard that Steve Jobs used to have heated arguments and full-on screaming matches with people during both his stints at Apple. How is it that there aren’t any publicly available videos of this side of Steve? Was he really that good at managing his public image?

Tim is a big fan of Guy, and his answers will become part of Gizmodo’s interview with Guy set to go up on Monday.

Congratulations Tim!