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    Do you think the media are being overly critical and dramatic about the Maps issue when they don't even consider its fresh from the oven and is bound to have kinks that need ironing out?

      Apple have worked pretty hard to place themselves as the premium benchmark of smartphones. So no, I don't think them releasing a half baked product that puts their users mapping ability below all other alternate smartphone software is something they shouldn't be criticised for.

      But its Apple, people have to hate Apple for some reason.

      But seriously i dont know why people are getting so worked up about it, the people who need to rely on a map for their job will most probably would already have a dedicated GPS device and the people who are complaining about the maps are the people who probably dont even use it on a regular basis.

      The issue here isn't that the map app is crap. It's not that bad. I, as a user am prepared to give it some leeway.

      The issue here is that they replaced a fully functional app with one which has missing features and they have not (yet-hopefully!) allowed a choice to use an app with a feature set that people want.

      I joked to my friends in the weekend that apple's "designed in California" tagline is pretty evident seeing that no one there uses public transport.

    Can you write up more articles about Android or Windows Phone please? The past week there has been like 20 articles on iOS and the iPhone 5. It's getting annoying now.

      The same thing happened after the Galaxy S III was announced. There's always buzz around new flagship devices. They can't write much about WP and Android when there isn't much news.

      Wait until Microsofts big announcements next months and we'll be flooded with Windows 8 and WP8.

      it's been a big week for iphone, not so big for android. balanced reporting isn't maintaining a 50/50 split between 'opposing' articles, but reporting on the news. The week prior every second article seemed to be on the Microsoft TechEd conference, but that's fine, I wasn't interested so I didn't read it.

        Lachlan's right. We can't invent news to cover. We'll cover stuff that's interesting as it happens. The story that was dominating the news cycle over the last week, unfortunately, was iPhone. Android and Samsung were covered equally too, though, with articles like the Galaxy Note II hands on going up and the Samsung suing Apple for 4G patents stuff, too.

        We're always trying to maintain a balance of content though. During the iPhone launch we tried not to run two Apple stories back to back so that we could pad it all out. There were a lot of sleepless nights prepping content for that day, too. Hopefully it helped.

    Luke, can we have an article covering alternative public transport options for Australia? Like a city by city round up or something?

    Then someone can comment on the article and say by an android. That'll be fun.

    (Seriously though, I've looked and fond two apps for Perth, and while they were a good supplementary for google maps they don't really cut the mustard by themselves)

      When you say covering different transport options, do you mean how on navigates them with a smartphone, or are you asking me to test all the trains, buses and trams in each capital city? I could probably do the first one if there's enough interest, but the second one is Angus Kidman's territory. The man has been everywhere and the public transport content on Lifehacker is top shelf. Try this: http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2012/08/lifehackers-complete-2012-australian-airport-public-transport-guide/

        Yeah the first one, just to know our transportation options with apps.

      If you're in Sydney Tripview is fantastic.

      If you're in Melbourne I think there is a Tripview Melbourne now too.

        TripGo is also beautiful. It's still missing a bit of functionality though, but it's incredible.

    Hey Giz,
    Would it be possible for you to create a button that censors out all of the iPhone related stories that you post? I have nothing against the iPhone or Apple, its just that over the past few weeks the internet has been saturated with iPhone articles and speculation I'm kinda sick of seeing them in feeds everywhere.

    Maybe you could also create one to censor out android related topics to keep everybody happy? I dunno if this is me being pedantic or not, but just a thought I had.

      Hey Hmac,
      If you're a bit over particular coverage, you can always browse by tag. For example, browsing the Android tag will get you all the Android stories your brain can handle. Similarly for the Apple tag, hardware tag and wtf tag. It's not quite "a button", but it's a pretty good way to browse.

      It's worth noting as well that we've done our absolute darndest to pad out the iPhone coverage. It's been crazy for coverage but we've tried to up the Android and Windows content since the iPhone 5 went down. Hopefully it's been making a difference to the way you read the site.

    Yeah, I guess you guys are just doing your jobs with the coverage of iPhone, I think I am being a bit pedantic. Haha
    Thanks Luke!

    Any more news about the new ipod range and their release date? Are any companies bringing out new docks with the lightning connector?

    I'm just curious - who's "virus__" who's been posting with an editor tag next to his name today? Do we get an introduction at all?

      And like that, the editor tag has disappeared. Website brain-fart maybe?

    Huzzah, my PC upgrade is nearly complete, I ordered a NZXT Guardian 921 RB tower and it came today so i managed to install all the hardware myself but got stuck on some wiring, especially for the front panel so i conceded defeat and got my local computer store to hook everything up right.

    The case comes with a USB 3.0 port on the side of the case which i didnt know about, pity my motherboard only has 2.0 connectors so i might have to shell out for a USB 3.0 card and what majorly sucks is that the front LED fan isnt working so i now have to get that replaced soon to get some air onto the HDD.

    My upgrade is nearly complete, all i have to do know is save up for a new video card and possibly an SSD and for some theatrics i might buy a cold cathode kit because i like to show off, a CPU water cooler would be awesome but not essential at this stage.

      SSD, dear boy!

      Not essential, not at all-once things are loaded into memory, they'll 'by and large' run the same.

      But the sheer wank factor of sub-5s boots of win7/8 is worth the cost!

        Sorry i meant to say that a cold cathode lighting kit and a CPU cooler aren't essential yet.

        Im not real happy that i have to fork over the money to get a new led fan and it has to be the fan that

          For god sake, stupid laptop, as i was saying Im not real happy that i have to fork over the money to get a new led fan and it has to be the fan that is in the most inconvenient place, behind the HDD cage, lucky NZXT are kind enough to make it accessible by unscrewing it and not pop riveting into place.

          Once i get it all sorted out i will post some pics.

      Here is a pic of my PC, i dont have a proper point and shoot camera so i had to use my iPhone but here it is, after i had installed a new led fan in the front.


        Love that case -- I hide mine under my desk.

        You know, for shame. That and I have horrible cable management and a glass side window.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have had an ongoing saga with Mobicity and Apple in relation to my iphone 4S 65gb (only 4 weeks old). The phone's reception was faulty and as instructed by Mobicity, I jumped online to Apple's self service. I registered my phone for service/replacement, took it to Aust Post and it was packaged and posted to Apple. After 2 weeks, the phone has not been received by Apple. Apple advised me that I should have made phone contact with them before posting my phone to them (which is disputed by Mobicity) so they could send me a replacement phone prior to posting my faulty phone. I have raised a complaint with an Apple Customer Service rep and I have emailed copies of the Aust Post receipt and Repair ticket. How long should I wait before I could expect a response and how do I go about getting a replacement phone from Apple? I am disappointed by this whole experience and I am fearful that I will never see my phone again. Please help!

      Have you contacted Australia Post about a potential missing item?

    Hi Luke, thanks for your reply and yes I have. Unfortunately, Apple does not supply registered post for returning iPhones (so it can't be traced according to Aust Post). However, I have just received a phone call from Apple advising that they have dispatched a new phone for me! So, hopefully this new phone isn't lost in the post as well!

      Thats good, i hope it all works out for you in the end.

      It sucks when something gets lost in the mail, a couple of years ago i bought an item on ebay, it never arrived, when i asked Australia post they said that cant help me and ebay has deleted the sellers account so i never received my item. Lucky it was only $20

    Why do post on Gizmodo appear in what it looks like Bold Font. Isn't that too harsh?? Or is it just me?

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