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    Question: Did I hear Android is going to stop supporting Flash?

      Yes you did hear that. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/08/how-to-get-flash-back-on-your-android-device/

      Basically Adobe won't keep supporting Flash on Android beyond Ice Cream Sandwich (on approved devices).

      That article tells you what you need to know about getting it back on there.

        the real question is why websites still use flash instead of HTML5.
        it's safer, faster and sturdier.

          Here's hoping. It's a shame that all these new standards take ages to adopt.

    can the gizmodo staff create a bot that deletes comments from any post if the person uses words like "fandroid" or "iSheep"?

    so sick of the idiotic banter.

      We're now deleting comments outright - that is, no matter how interesting they are - if they contain the word "Sheeple".

      I really don't want to have to expand it beyond that particular term right now, I'm just hoping everyone gets the message from there.

      Please report anything you see using the term Sheeple and I'll get on it.

        I didnt realise it was such an epidemic.

        But honestly the whole "Android vs Apple" thing is now starting to get really old.

          I'm looking forward to the "Apple V Windows 8 V Android" trifecta.

          I bet this rankles motormouth no end.

        One could start by not feeding the trolls

    Phase one of my computer upgrade is nearly complete, i bought an Antec 620W modular PSU on the weekend from PC Case Gear so i should get that tomorrow, my choice now is try installing the PSU myself or pay the money and get a professional to do it for me. My local computer shop said they will do it for $15.

    I opened up the case and measured the old PSU and it should fit in the back quite nicely but the only thing i am worried about is that the new PSU is 20mm longer and it might be a tight squeeze for the cables.

    My next phase is to save up the dosh for a new video card and maybe in the future save up for a decent SSD.

      Hey Luke - changing out the PSU is a pretty simple process. The extra length of the unit shouldnt bother you unless the case if rather compact or you have some mammoth fan in the way.
      If you're worried about it, pay the $15 but ask if you can observe them whilst performing the change out so that next time you can just do it yourself :)
      The $15 option may be well worth it if you have some older components that may need adapters for power requirements - the shop will(should!) have these.

        Thanks, i got my PC shop to do it for me, i tried to do it myself but space was a bit tight so i didnt want to break anything.

        Before i do anything i am going to upgrade the case, i was talking to the guy at the computer shop and he said that because i have a microATX motherboard the case itself is smaller and wont have enough airflow to properly cool a new video card, which makes sense the more i think about it. Moving everything over to a new case will definitely be a job for the professionals.

        I have seen a cool case for $65 which i might invest in, all the cases i have seen online cost more than the actual case to send

          Should've mentioned earlier I just sent a decent Case and PSU the St Vinnies. Figured someone should get some use out of it. Actually that's not a bad idea for a sub category in 'Whitenoise' recycling PC parts to those who can use them. If your reading this Luke or whoever is moderating today. What do you think?

          Oh dear god i worded that last sentence poorly.

          What i meant to say is that buying a case online costs more to send then what the actual case is worth.

          The $65 case i have seen is from the PC shop where i got the PSU installed, it looks alright but i am worried at how much its going to cost me to get them to replace everything for me.

            $49 for my computer shop to install everything which is their standard hardware repair costs but i have fallen in love with a case i have seen on PC Case gear, i know postage is fairly expensive but it looks awesome and it has some pretty positive reviews which is a bonus.


              Your local PC shop is cheap! If they do a good job, I'd stick with them.

              Can't get much done here for under $100.

                They did do a good job with installing the PSU, they are only a small business so i think they cant really afford to have expensive service costs, i tried a few local computer stores and both were looking at around $100 to $150 to move everything over to a new case.

    damn you autocorrect, not allowing, along!!!

    Q: What's the process with submitting a comment or story idea to Giz? I've sent 3 emails through in the past 3 weeks and I haven't received even a notification of acknowledgement...

    How do we know emails are being read?

      Hey Viddy.
      Your emails have been reaching my inbox (I can show you the screenshots).

      So sorry to not respond to your comment before now. Sometimes emails just sink to the bottom of the enormous pile I come into every day. That's no excuse, but it's my apology for not getting back to you.

      In regards to your question, it's a good request, and one I'll definitely look at for an Under The Hood.


        Thx Luke.

        There's also one from a few weeks back regarding a competition. If you can jump on Jesus and find out who actually won that comp and let me know that would be appreciated.

    Hey Giz,

    What's happening with Fitmodo? Didn't get a weekly update last Friday, I thought it was going to be weekly?

      Hey mate. I thought we addressed this in the other thread? We were all over the shop last Friday and didn't have the measurement data to do a proper Fitmodo Diaries post. We still posted a sweet Fitmodo story about sleep: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/09/how-to-survive-on-as-little-sleep-possible/ , and I've got Fitmodo Diaries in the can for this Friday! Don't worry. We haven't fallen off the wagon.

      Are you doing a training program too?

        Ah sorry, I hadn't had the chance to see if there was a reply on the old thread. I've decided to go hard or go home, smashing out the training and diet, lost 6.5kg in 3 weeks so far going from 83kg to 76.5kg. One week of training only, and the first two weeks of the bizzy diet on bodybuilding.com

        The annoying part is I only just bought a new suit recently, and it looks like I'll have to replace the pants with smaller ones already! haha.

          Thanks for update man. Meanwhile, I was on Gold Coast last week covering TechEd:

          ...had told myself to check out Jupiter's gym and maybe even do a run down the beach.
          Reality: so busy , tired and hungry covering the news for you guys that I ate too many free fattycakes served up to the journalists in the media room. Fail. Back at the gym again tonight -- but not looking forward to this week's fitmodo weigh-in.

            Well if you want quick results, this plan I'm on is a 3 week plan, it is pretty time consuming though, 4x 1.5 hour gym sessions a week, and 2x 30 minute cardio.

    So, I've got a problem.

    I need to test an awesome new product but I don't have the gear to test it with. Does someone have a 21.5-inch iMac kicking around? We can do the review together!

    You have to be in Sydney for this. Let me know!

    A great article about NBN; http://www.abc.net.au/technology/articles/2012/09/18/3592785.htm

      Wow, that was a good article, its nice to see someone write about the NBN and not bring bullshit politics into it.

        Yea, was brilliant.

        I loved the part 'it's hard to find valid criticisms'. iLoled.

          Do you care to elaborate your opinion?, what is a valid criticism for the NBN other then it costs too much, there is no need for fast internet, wireless will be superior to wired interenet or the ever classic it will be obsolete by the time it's finished.

    Isn't it time for a Whitenoise refresh, Newest post was left over a week ago..??

      no, actually the newest posts seem to be getting pushed back in time?

    So anybody else hear about the Australian Quantum Computer breakthrough today??

    Damn me and me falling for shiny things, i have put a pledge in for that Lifx lightbulb.

    They announced today that they are limiting their first run production numbers and by the looks of things they are nearly sold out on nearly all reward tiers.

    I am a sucker for these sorts of things, i put in a pledge for that Ouya console.

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