What Shooting A Gun Underwater Looks Like

Ever wonder what it would be like to shoot a gun underwater? It looks like a scene lifted straight from a Bond flick.

Firearm aficionado Andrew Tuohy gave it a go with a .40 Glock 22 in his own pool. The video above was shot with Pentax WG-2 on the "high speed" video setting. It's been slowed down to 30fps for an added bad arse factor. (Watch for the bullet and casing to slow down and sink to the bottom at the end.) He also tinkered around with another submerged weapon — check out a picture of the .45 Kimber 1911 going off below.

Andrew told us that while no guns were damaged in the making of these photos, the underwater shock he felt after they were fired made him feel like he had been kicked in the chest. [Vuurwapen Blog]


    Im surprised the Glock didnt Glockenade, cool none the less.

    Probably pretty lucky the barrel didn't explode. Water really doesn't like to move quick so the chamber pressure would be much higher than normal.

      even if it explode as it's underwater that wouldn't be so dangerous.
      And even if he kill himself he still can be awarder by a Darwin's one

      Glocks are designed to be able to fire underwater I believe. Most other guns will jam though.

        yeah this, Glocks along with a couple of other guns can be fired 'wet'

    I'm surprised at how quickly the bullet loses it's momentum
    Would this mean that swimming underwater is a successful way to evade bullets, contrary to what action movies would have you believe?

      Confirmed by mythbusters.

      subsonic rounds eg pistol and SMG rounds have a fair bit of surface penetration.
      anything supersonic eg rifle etc tend to dump all their energy extremely quickly .
      mythbusters did a show on this and they even tried a .50 for kicks, went about 1m before it disinterested into little pieces

    id like to see that mythbusters episode.

      It's already been mythbusted

        Well, they said that handguns still would work , but anything large calibre or power disintegrates itself.

          IIRC they also used a musket which out-performed a lot of modern day weapons firing into water.

    omg, i want someone to do this except stand underwater infront of the bullet.. but just far enough away that it would not hit them.... i feel like that would be the ultimate game of trust.

    Someone get Jackass onto it I want to see that as well.

      I'd prefer to see the Big Brother cast lined up in front of a gun.

    was that supersonic or just an audio delay in the clip?
    looked impressive though

      Due to the greater density the speed of sound is actually quite a lot lower underwater.

        That's incorrect, the speed of sound travels faster in liquids and non-porous solids than it does in air.
        Sound travels at 343.2 m/s or 1236 kph through air
        and through fresh water 1484 m/s or 5342 kph, over 4x faster!!
        Sound travels slightly faster in salt water.
        BTW Sound travels through iron 15x faster than air at over 5100 m/s.


    You don't "shoot" a gun, you fire it. Shooting a gun implies that a bullet actually strikes the gun, Phantom-style.

      Do you fire an arrow?

    From the thumbnail I thought someone was pointing a gun at a jellyfish.

    This should be shot at a higher frame rate (pardon the pun). It would look awesome at ~1000fps.

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