What Is The Weird Rattling Noise In These iPhone 5 Units?

Since the iPhone 5 finally landed in the hands of excited customers on Friday, there have been numerous reports of a "rattle" or 'thud" coming from inside new phones. What is the weird sound in these online videos?

According to Apple forum discussions and reports from tipsters, it appears that the sound is being caused by a loose battery. In one case, a user simply took her phone to the Apple Store, where a Genius reapplied adhesive to the battery and sent her away. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

When you have literally millions upon millions of iPhones being pushed out, even strict manufacturing tolerances can't guarantee that every single unit will be flawless. But we're keen to see how widespread the issue could be, so let us know in the comments if your iPhone 5 has been making weird noises. [Thanks Trevor!]


    YES, my iPhone 5 is rattling

      My HTC is not.

        I am a forum user and can confirm that this persons HTC is not Rattling

          I have a Nokia, it's not rattling either

            I can confirm that his Nokia isn't rattling either

              I can also confirm that my Galaxy Nexus does not rattle.

        Have you tried dropping it a few times, you could probably get it to rattle don't despair.

          my nexus s fails to rattle so i dropped it a couple of times, still no rattle & my screen is still intact....

            You should send it back in as it probably is defective. I dropped my i-phone and the screen cracked no problem at all.

    I know how to glue things based on an internal memo - CALL ME A GENIUS, LADIES!

    I love how if any other company has any launch issues its the worst thing since the Holocaust. But if it's apple then there's always an excuse.

    This site Is retarded.

      Daym, go read the *Sh*tstorm that is luke i5 Review

    It's probably a finger nail chopped off from of the Foxxcon workers during a 20 hour shift.

      +1 LOL , like a gift that is keep on giving :D

    my iphone 5 has a small rattling noise at the top and someone in another forum said it was the sleep wake button rattling. so i tested this and held light pressure (not pressing it down) just enough pressure to keep it from rattling and shook it and it doesnt rattle so its just the sleep wake button rattling.

    Your not shaking it right.

      +1 made my morning

    It's the new unannounced iRattle feature... works as a mobile pacifier for parents of newborns.

    I think there's a little bit of Steve Jobs in every iPhone. Don't you?

    It makes iPhone users feel more at ease with their new purchases... by emulating the rattle in their heads!


    They're holding it wrong.

      their thumb is in the wrong place? Quick, let's write a press release about it!

    All smartphones rattle. Didn't you know? It's inherent in all smartphones. It can't be avoided.

    The iphone 5 holds some of the latest electronics around. But to simply glue the battery in reeks of the cheapness used in small transistor radio manufacture of the 60s and 70s. Just how cheaply made is this iphone 5? And I mean that in the sense that a qulaity device is promised, but is it delivered this time round?

    The rattling comes from the top. It's the same as my old Htc desire. I was told it is the camera and its normal.

    Considering their claims of extreme design tolerances I'm surprised the battery has ANY room to move. Maybe they designed in some room for the battery to expand when it gets hot(do they do that?). Maybe the batteries in these iRattles are outside of design spec?

    my iPhone 4s rattles at the top, but it's the new (well new back then) vibration motor. My Desire HD doesn't rattle and it's been flogged on building sites for two years. Now it sits in my draw tempting me to go back (and it has an advance magic 4" screen from the future (well it had it two years ago) which was from the future then. But it's the present now. Or something.

    I think it might be the compressed hopes and expectations of iphone 5 users that this would be something better than it has actually turned out to be jammed into a tiny empty space within the case.
    And every shake and rattle is a reminder of what could have been.....

    "just a loose battery in your $700 phone, no biggy"

    The Phone is less than 7 days old. Take it back for a replacement or REFUND

    Maybe Apple will fix the rattle issue in iOS 6.1

    there's an app for that.

    I have noticed that a lot of baby toys rattle, perhaps this is by design then to cater to Apples audience.

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