What Is The Secret Weapon The US Has Been Hiding For 30 Years?

In 1981, the White House released a secret memo regarding the stockpiling of a certain weapon. What kind of weapon? Now that it's been declassified, we still have no idea: the title remains censored.

The document is called "National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) 7" and was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists. It doesn't leave much room for interpretation: it's simply titled "[REDACTED] WEAPONS". Whatever the weapon is — FAS speculates it's referring to "enhanced radiation" neutron warheads — the memo states the arsenal is only allowed on US soil, and deployment can only be approved by the US President and US Secretary of Defense. Maybe in another three decades we'll know. The full document is embedded below. [FAS]


    Nerve gas or other chemical weapons. Bet it's nothing exotic. It's the very stuff they accused Iraq of having in order to invade them.

      I get the feeling they wouldn't be so blasé if it was weapons that are (I believe?) illegal under international law. ER neutron weapons, on the other hand, they're probably 'allowed' to have.

      I may be wrong

      "Bet it's nothing exotic", just nerve gas or chemical weapons?! Wow, where to begin with this one...? Let's just cover the basics by stating that the US hasn't developed biological or chemical weapons for anything more than research into defensive measures since the '70s. Since I'm not a tinfoil hat wearer, yes, I actually do believe that this is the case.

        You work at the Pentagon? Maybe you have a casual acquaintance in the White House, or maybe you like to make baseless claims just like those tin-foil hat wearing imbeciles you malign so well.

          Well don't I feel stupid, I never realised that official executive orders to cancel weapons programs, or ratification of the Geneva Protocol and Biological Weapons Convention, or signing the Chemical Weapons Treaty were considered 'baseless'. But I appreciate being corrected by someone on the basis of, wait... On what basis did you correct me? Oh, nothing. Nice try buzzo, come back with something a little more compelling next time.

            +1 Internets to you Jester. That was fantastic :)

              Cos the US has never breached any treaties it has signed....except for the half a dozen they breached in spying on UN delegates. Oh and when they find one inconvenient, they just pull out of it (Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty)

      Ok.. go back to Michael Moore college..

    I kind of hope it's Extraterrestrial Origin Weapons

      Like what? Throwing moon rocks at people? :-P

        Space slingshots FTW!
        able to throw asteroids at people like teh bugs from starship troopers

        Weapons created by reverse engineering alien technology. Like that weapon Coulson uses in the Avengers.

    Seeing as Reagan approved the restart of neutron weapon production in 1981, the date on the memo makes sense.

    It's Chuck Norris!

      Too bad the Chinese lost Bruce Lee, or else the US would be screwed

      nice +1

    Maybe the secret weapon is the Tea Party?

      American Taliban? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGAvwSp86hY * (*Mad Newsroom spoilers)

      Well, they are a good band, but I wouldn't consider them a weapon...

    Oddjob's hat

    Energon weapons ....(sector 7)....

    Analog mobile phone transmitters.

    Nude Bomb!



    BIOLOGICAL or RADIOLOGICAL would fit perfectly on that line

    SCALAR or ENERGETIC weapons don't really need to be 'stockpiled',

    Sharks with laser beams on their heads *fingers crossed*

    Most likely neutron weapons designed to wipe out a large portion of civilian population. To be used should a nuclear weapon every be detonated on US soil as a disproportionate response against the countries of origin.

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