What Happens When The Website Tattooed On Your Face Goes Belly Up

Back in the halcyon days of the dotcom boom, we did a lot of crazy things. We spent millions of dollars on extravagant nerd parties. We lavished mountains of funding on startups selling nappies to puppies. And we eventually skinvertised on the backs and arms and faces of human beings. And then those people had to go on living their lives.

BuzzFeed's Jack Stuef took a deep dive into what happened to the once-common-but-always-weird practice of permanently tattooing on advertisements. And, more curiously, what happened to all of the folks that stuck a big GoldenPalace.com on their foreheads last decade. As you might imagine, life is getting weird. Here's an excerpt about one man, named Hostgator Dotcom:

Dotcom, who is still selling ink on himself, keeps track of all the websites on his body and simply covers up those that go defunct with a tattoo from a new buyer. He thinks he may one day sell his a tattoo for his whole body to one company and become a "human-mascot-type thing".

That probably sounds about a tenth as bleak as it actually is to do. Definitely take a few minutes to pick through the rest of the details in the full piece over at BuzzFeed. [BuzzFeed]

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    I don't want to live on this planet anymore

      According to another article on Giz you won't have to for much longer. Go warp drive

    What Happens When The Website Tattooed On Your Face Goes Belly Up?

    Laser removal.

      This. Pretty obvious really......although, these people that did such things should be marked for euthanization....y'know, so they don't breed and pee in the genepool.

        Even after laser removal, you can typically still see a shadow of the tattoo due to pigment damage in your skin. Plus, it's not cheap, so if you were that desperate for the cash to begin with, it's doubtful you'll have the cash to splurge on laser removal, and health insurance is never going to cough up for it!!

      "What Happens When The Website Tattooed On Your Face Goes Belly Up? "

      You get a job ... oh wait ... no you don't.

    The fact that an ugly tattoo advertisement on your face happens to be for a defunct company is the about the least worrying aspect of having an ugly tattoo advertisement on your face.

      It shows much about the character of the person..or lack of

    Reading the article you realise that those people aren't as stupid as you first think. The true story seems to be the horrible, uncaring social system over there in the US that forces these poor people to debase themselves in order to survive. One of those guys sold his kidney to s a stranger so he'd have money to support his family.
    This is the failed, horrible side of capitalism.

    Couldn't they just monitor the domains and buy them if they became available?

      Full article already says one guy tried to buy it, unsuccessfully. Doesn't elaborate as to why it was unsuccessful though.

    google.com should be safe bet ?

      Tell that to meta metacrawler.

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