What Do You Think Of eBay's New Logo?

eBay has a new logo. Just like every other company under the sun, its a flat design that attempts to be streamlined, sleek and modern. But while all of those ideas are fine in theory, sometimes the finished product doesn't always end up the way its creators intended.

This might be one of those instances. What do you think? Design win or design disaster? [The Verge]


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    Are they owned by Microsoft ? (i know not) both corps seem to have opted for a contemporary feel to their logos and I think both are forgettable and dull.

      Also still the same colours as both Microsoft and Google. Conspiracy?

    It stinks, it stinks, it stinks.

      Yes, Mr Sherman. Eeeeverything stinks.

    It doesn't look right without the big B (eBay). It does a lot like the Windows logo too.

    I want the BIG B

      even right now!! its not a big B in their logo...check the website

    Fail. They removed all the identifiable elements in the effort to remove the 90's style.

    It looks like a first year graphic design student's attempt.

      don't think so lowly of a design student... they would design something better than this.
      this is an attempt to follow the pack, and well it shows... epic fail..

    Looks like a rip off of Google!

      Apple should sue!? oh.. wait...

    Good logos should NEVER be changed.
    Could you imagine Coca-Cola, Nike, Cadbury, Jim Beam and many more ever changing their logo?
    I still get disgusted every time I see the new Pepsi logo.

      Wrong. Most of those logos have changed throughout their company's existence. The coca-cola logo, is not the same as it was when it was created, in fact,it has been revised several times. They key is that the changes retain the essence of the original brand. Rather than completely reinventing the logo, they refine and finesse them .

    Terrible, but I guess that's what you get when you design stuff in Word. :P

    their old one screamed 1.0 kind of like yahoo's. new one is sleek, modern and relevant.

    they probably paid a graphics designer a bucketload of money to type this logo on a Word Document and change the colours.... lol

      I dare you to replicate it in word, it is likely a bespoke font (or at least a tweaked one) and definately has cutom kerning. Good luck.

    Boring, same as the Microsoft one, boring boring boring. What is the matter with these company's? All the new technology, screens with higher and higher resolutions, capable of showing great depth and they make flat boring logos.

    The old one was kind of childish, but the new one is just boring. A hybrid between the would have been nice

    Too much like the Google Logo to be dissimilar...cue the lawsuit.

      Except is isn't google that feels the need to sue absolutely everyone.

    I don't understand why the b isn't a capital B? it's eBay isn't it?
    Even the current logo is small b.

    But anyhoo, the new logo doesn't look bad. The old one's pretty ugly so anything beats it.

    Not exactly iconic (but then it doesn't really need to be; the name is powerful enough) but it does fit in better with the flat greys of the rest of the website - although I suspect there'll be an overall UI smoothing out to come too. I probably would have kept a little of the overlap between the letters - the new one just looks like bad kerning.

    Kerning fail!

      +1. My first thought too. Getting to dislike the amount of kerning-squash that seems to be happening in typography and logos.

    Didn't need to be changed really.

    AAhhhh.. I don't understand who they are now.
    The logo was the only thing keeping me using their service, now I'll have to go look elsewhere for someone with a logo I like.

    " What do you think? Design win or design disaster? "
    It's a logo. I don't give them ANY thought. Exactly the right amount of thought required by anyone other than the person designing it.

    Change for changes sake and typography gets old.

    It's sleek, clean, and minimalist, I'm not sure what else you'd want from a logo. You don't see people saying apple should go back to their original logo (although it looks a billion times cooler).

    They should just go all the way and say Google!

    Not a huge fan of the logo, and it may off-put those who aren't familiar with ebay beyond the logo. But it is a way of changing their image, and may reflect future decisions and overall re branding.

    Who knows.

    The even font sizing is dull, obviously, too close to a typed name and not an eye-catching logo... the extremely tight kerning is also very uncomfortable and awkward.
    At least they still have the pretty colours.

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