Win: Gizmodo Wants You To Interview Guy Kawasaki

Author, Apple Fellow and renowned Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki is headed to Australia this weekend to judge the Vodafone App Aid developer competition. Before that goes down, Gizmodo and Vodafone are giving you the chance to be our interviewer in a Google+ Hangout with Guy Kawasaki himself!

The Comp

Here's how you enter. All you need to do is tell us your two most interesting and insightful questions for Guy Kawasaki that you would ask him if you were selected to join the Hangout. If you win, you'll be the sole representative for Gizmodo Australia in the Vodafone Google+ Hangout with Guy Kawasaki. You'll ask him your competition-winning questions and sit in on the rest of the interview. The video of the Hangout will then be posted to Gizmodo for all to see!

Be quick with your entries, though: entries close at 4:00pm AEST tomorrow (19 September).

Guy will be judging Vodafone App Aid on Saturday, which sees developers come together to generate an idea for the most innovative charity app with the aid of the non-profits like the Starlight Foundation, St Johns Ambulance, the Leukaemia Foundation and Oz Harvest to name a few.

The Guy

Here's a little about Guy to get your questioning brain in gear:

Guy Kawasaki is a founding partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at Garage Technology Ventures, a seed and early stage venture capital fund. He is also the co-founder of, an “online magazine rack” of popular topics on the web -- the success of which is attributed to social networking tools such as Twitter. He is considered one of the top 50 most popular bloggers worldwide, and was recently selected by as the #2 top marketers of 2008.

Previously, Kawasaki was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc.

He says, “When I saw what a Macintosh could do, the clouds parted and the angels started singing. For four years I evangelised Macintosh to software and hardware developers and led the charge against worldwide domination by IBM. I also met my wife Beth at Apple during this timeframe-Apple has been very good to me. Around 1987, my job with Apple was done. Macintosh had plenty of software by then, so I left to start a Macintosh database company called ACIUS. It published a product called 4th Dimension. I did this for two years and then left to pursue my bliss of writing, speaking, and consulting.”

Kawasaki's in-depth knowledge of the high-tech industry combined with his years of management experience enables him to address a wide range of audiences. His particular strength is the ability to quickly understand diverse industries and incorporate his pre-existing knowledge into a highly relevant and customised speech. He has spoken for organisations including Nike, Audi, Wal-Mart, Sprint, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Saturn, Stanford University, TIE, Calgary Flames, The Body Shop, MIT, Forbes, and Aveda.

He holds a BA in psychology from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College.

How Judging Works

  • Readers will submit their best and most insightful questions for Guy Kawasaki over the next 24 hours. Entries will close at 4pm AEST 19 September, 2012. Gizmodo editors will then judge the best questions and select the winner.
  • Entries close at 4pm AEST on Wednesday, September 19.
  • The Guy Kawasaki interviewer will be announced at 4:30pm AEST on Wednesday, September 19.
  • The Rules

    1. Read the full terms and conditions before entering.
    2. The question(s) must be original and your own.
    3. Questions must be respectful, relevant and comply with the code of ethics set out in the terms and conditions.
    4. Winners need to be available at 12pm AEST Sunday, 22 September to participate in the Google+ Hangout with Guy Kawasaki.
    5. Entries must be submitted via comment on this post.
    6. You must be an Australian resident and registered with an account bearing an email address where you can be reached should you win the prize.
    7. One submission per person.
    8. This prize has no monetary value. It is an experience prize only.

    Get questioning, readers!


    Being named after a well-known Japanese industrial Giant, what is your Favourite Kawasaki Heavy Industries product and why?

    Dear Luke - umm in which state/city is this event as I can't find in in the story or terms&cons. I want to enter, but it could be in Hobart or Brisbane or even maybe Sydney - where I am not ??? Many thanks :)

      Hey. This is a Google Hangout, so you can be anywhere within Australia, so long as you're available to log on at Midday AEST on Sunday.

    My questions for Guy are

    Do you believe that corporations understand that we are in the experience era and that the experience of their employees translates to their customers ?

    In the era of hyper-connectivity what three things should someone do to be more more successful ?

    How has social media impacted peoples ability to deliver positive face-to-face experiences?

    I have just been to the USA for the first time in my life, and the level of technology penetration in some places was incredible – particularly around the San Francisco Bay Area. At the same time, I was stunned to see the abject poverty in other areas; in the blocks around the offices of tech giants such as Twitter and Zynga, there are literally dozens of people sleeping rough on the streets every night.

    It struck me that for all the value created by the tech industry, most of the focus seems to be on solving ‘first world’ problems for smartphone users, instead of real problems faced by the community.

    The App Aid project is a fantastic step toward changing this, as it looks to create apps focused on solving these real problems.

    But, an app is only useful if you have a smartphone. My first question is this: can technological innovation be used to benefit those who have no access to technology, and if so, how?

    My second question is this: how can we bridge the gap between those with access to technology and those without, to avoid those without access becoming second class citizens? (like how in Gattaca, access to genetic screening created a divide between ‘natural’ children and ‘optimised’ children)

    Question 1: With all the inspiration you see around you, having been inspired and inspiring invocation - whats in the "every day" of 2012 that inspires you when today - right now.

    Q2: what is your hope for Apples' future, post Steve - do you think the spark of inspiration will live on ?

    My questions for Guy:
    1) Taking question from your most recent book Enchantment, do you feel companies are focusing a shift towards being able to enchant their customers and partners alike more nowadays, both through the use of a truly engaging product/service, but also through great follow-up support and communication, and are using this as a competitive advantage?
    2) With the release of the sixth generation iPhone just around the corner alongside competing smartphones, and with the tablet market ever expanding and a crazy pace, do you think that we will make a shift from the desktop to a more connected multi-device post-PC era, in the same way we made a shift from massive mainframes to the original PCs?

    1) Do you think that Venture Capitalism and Kickstarter are two completely separate approaches to funding that have no cross-over? Do VC's now consider Kickstarter in their approach to new ventures and do VC's monitor Kickstarter for projects to pick up?
    2) We've heard that Steve Jobs used to have heated arguments and full-on screaming matches with people during both his stints at Apple. How is it that there aren't any publicly available videos of this side of Steve? Was he really that good at managing his public image?

    This is awesome, I'm a big fan of Guy and look forward to hearing about his visit.

    1) Microsoft have made radical changes to their latest Windows OS, and have spearheaded a change to a more simplified, touch focused user experience and visual design. Is it encouraging to you, as an entrepreneur, when huge corporations, any corporation, of their size makes such dramatic, radical changes like this?

    2) What is the next big opportunity, in your opinion, for the next revolution in technology?

    I don't get it. An Apple person using Google +?

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