Watch This Tornado Of Fire Swirl Around Northern Australia

For 40 minutes, a bush fire burning across the plains surrounding Curtin Springs Station swirled in a terrifying and breathtaking column of pure flame. The tornado of fire was caught on camera by Chris Tangey, of Alice Springs Film and Television, who was scouting locations in the area when the firey twister erupted before his eyes!

Because that's where I want to be when a fire tornado starts: anywhere near it. RUN, MAN!


    I love a sunburnt country,
    A land of sweeping plains,
    Of ragged mountain ranges,
    Of droughts and flooding rains.
    I love her far horizons,
    I love her jewel-sea,
    Her beauty and her terror
    The wide brown land for me!

      I love a sunburnt country
      A land of sunburnt plains.
      Of sunburnt mountain ranges
      Of droughts and sunburnt rains.
      I love sunburnt horizons
      I love her sunburnt sea
      Her sunburn and her sunburn
      This sunburnt land for me.

      - Leunig, (with apologies to Dorothea Mackellar)

      Sheesh, as if anyone in their right mind would willing walk towards one.

      Also foretold in Dragonball Z episode 199, either your god is Picon, or you're mistaking PIcon for your god, because this is clearly Picon.

      One problem,
      its day time, shouldn't pillars of flame in the day.

    The government should but this in the anti refugee ads they made.

    "Want to come to Australia?? We have tornados made of fire."

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