Watch This Car Get Blasted By Lightning

While getting hit by lightning without protection would be extremely unpleasant, watching it strike a car from a distance is the exact opposite (and preferable). Take this clip, where the SUV in the top-left becomes the unlikely recipient of some sky-borne electricity. It's spectacular viewing.

The first part of the clip is oddly underwhelming, but the slow-motion replay from the 23-second mark will leave you stunned. Seeing it frame-by-frame makes the event appear far more formidable than it actually is -- it looks and sounds like some sky-residing deity has it in for the hapless vehicle.

Despite the apparent pyrotechnics, the SUV is fine afterwards, though I was half expecting it to erupt into a ball of fire. I blame movies.



    Maybe that bolt didn't actually hit the SUV, but rather struck the ground behind it...?

    The electricity would have been transferred to the ground safely right, hence why the car is undamaged? I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE ELECTRIC-ITY.

    I noticed the SUV appeared to stop afterwards. Must have given them a fright.
    My dad came home white a a ghost one day after his car got hit by lightning.

    The rubber tires probably insulted it I imagine?

      Lightning gets very offended sometimes by rubber tires :)

    I think the lightning does hit the car, but the body of the car works like a Faraday cage.

    No freaking way. I just told my girlfriend the other night that I wasn't sure about going to get dinner in an intense electrical storm. She told me I was a paranoid woman & convinced me to go saying, 'as if lightning would ever even hit a car, wouldn't do anything anyways'
    Well, screw that. Never again..

      You're a paranoid woman.

    Two words: Faraday Cage

    What are the odds of getting struck by lightning in a car? What are the odds of getting struck by lightning in a car and having someone record it?


      Was thinking the exact same thing!

    I remember being told when I was 6 or 7 that getting into a car in a lightning storm was a good place to be. Not sure how the tyres would hold up though; huge resistance through the rubber might melt it?

    I guess he wasn't going 88 =(

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