Watch Apple's Official iPhone 5 Video

Here's Apple's customary new product video for the iPhone 5, with all the familiar faces from Cupertino. Even if you're not totally impressed with this generation, you can't help but be impressed after seeing everything that went into it.

It's got some interesting details about the phone -- a lot of which we've covered -- and some insight into the rigorous design and manufacturing process. For example, high-powered cameras are used to take photos of each phone, and the photos are analysed to determine one of 725 different possible cuts.

Plus, it's a chance to hear Sir Jony Ive say al-oo-min-ee-um, which is worth the cost of admission all on its own.


    So pretentious

      +1, although I think you'll find pretentious is actually spelt "Jony Ive"

    Wow, surprised how detailed they went into the insides of the phone, apple don't usually do that so really nice to see, now get into my life.

      the macbook pro video from '09 when I bought mine did, went into the unibody manufacture and the battery etc.

    I'm stoked more about the battery life on this thing. Bout time a company concentrated on this, quite honestly, awfully neglected area. Warrants the purchase alone, let alone all the other good stuff. Guess the others will have to follow suit usual.

      You do realize the Galaxy S III has a 11 hour and 40 minute talk time, and the New Iphone have a 8 hour talk time.

        30 hours of video watching time? Don't think so bud

          The iPhone 5 does NOT have 30 hours of video. It's comparable to the 4S aka 40 hours music, 10 hours video and 10 hours Wi-Fi streaming. They jacked the battery this time to take into account the added burden of LTE. Otherwise, it's imperceptibly better than the previous model's.

          Compare this to the likes of the Motorola Razr Maxx with a 3300mAh battery that is a good 50-100% improvement from most industry standards. Yes it's thicker, but it completely debunks your canard that only Apple in their infinite wisdom can 'concentrate' on battery life.

        The difference is that if you have a Samsung it means you'll spend 11 hours talking to some hipster about how alternative your phone is.

    haha love how there are ads for nokia lumia displayed on this page whilst i watch about the iphone

      Reading a tech blog without AdBlock?
      WHAT IS THIS?!

    Bigger screen? Check.
    iMaps? Check.
    Turn by Turn? Check.
    Panorama? Check.
    Siri sports scores, restaurants? Check
    Facebook Integration? Check
    Videochat on 3G? Check.

    All available already on my Galaxy Nexus.

      You’ve forgotten about the revolutionary 3D satellite map view… oh wait that’s on the Galaxy Nexus too.

      wow, the nexus really does do everything badly.

        Have you ever used a nexus running JB? It's smoother than your iPhone and has a much better UI. What exactly does it do badly? The only area iPhone beats it is camera.

      That's great, but this phone obviously isn't for you. You are happy with your device and thats awesome.

      This product is for people who are:

      1. Already invested in Apples infostructure and need an upgrade. eg. I have an old iphone that out of a plan and needing an upgrade, and I already have purcahses a ton of apps in my past.

      2. People wo are NOT happy with their current phone and are looking to see a change. eg. I got the Superphone2000 a year back but I'm really not happy with it, lets see wat other company are having to offer.

      3. New customer's who are getting their first phone and are interested in seeing what each company has got for their flagship model.

      As far as I know I have never known anyone who really loved their Andriod phone saying "Wow, Apple has sold me, I'm going to get one!"
      And that's fine, the iPhone is not for those people.


        Well if they are looking for a change then,
        1. If they are on Android - Download a new launcher, run a new custom ROM, change to a live wallpaper, change style pack, move to vanilla android
        2. If they are on iPhone - Buy an Android or Windows phone, because there is no change here.

          To your response:
          1. I mentioned people who are NOT happy with their current phone and are looking to see a change. Not people who are looking for a different rom or skin on their current phone. I'm not talking about a new look, I'm talking about a different phone.
          2. My statments mentioned three types of customers. People who have an iPhone and would like an upgrade, people who don't like their phone from a different company, and new customers.

          You mentioned people who already have iPhones and are looking for a change. Yes, they should go to other phones. It's obviously not for people who already have iPhones and don't like them. Which is why they werent part of my list.

    samsmug boys in denial about their surfboard being obsoleted. CHECK!

    Now fight one another over the fact you own a (in the big picture) very slightly different piece of technology to the other person!

      oh you mean like the game console wars for the past 30 years or the desktop computer flame wars of the past 30 years, the difference would be???

      But it's so fun! Just like the old crusades!

    I love how much of the video is devoted to the manufacturing process. Obviously not much else new going on. ALTHOUGH let's hope other phone makers start using sapphire glass for the camera lenses too. That's a damn useful change.

    These pissing contests are a joke.
    But I do find it really interesting how these large corporations have managed to persuade people to show absolute loyalty to their brands. They have - quite impressively - tapped into our natural instinct to follow and to worship something, to support and fight for something we believe in. The amazing thing is that they have managed to create that feeling around their commercial products, and they are making an absolute killing out of it at the same time. Brilliant marketing really.

    Looks ridiculous, stretched. Heaps of wasted real estate at the top and bottom just like every previous generation.

    Still low resolution, non-HD screen. Really the only thing going for it is LTE.

      non HD? You on crack?

        He's not. Maybe you should check your numbers before you jump down someones' throat because they don't feel the need to fellate Apple as much as you do.

        HD is defined as MINIMUM 1,280×720 resolution, this phone is 1136 x 640. So yes, non-HD.

          Don't worry Steve...James here thinks this iphone also has 30 hours of video playback....

    I was fascinated by the manufacturing process section of the video.
    It seems they're leading the way in mass produced goods which sport hand-made fit and finish.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    The amount of pretentious wankery in this video makes me want to vomit

      It's the accent.

      Yeah, I haven't noticed until now but its has sort of a brainwashing cult feel to it (the bad kind of cult).

    I just recently joined the Smart phone revolution with my Galaxy Note, I thought it was standard for voice turn by turn navigation.

    It seems through what I have read Android has features the iPhonesdon't get for some time.

    I just watched the video and it seems as though Apple missed the boat with this one, no new stand out features. I don't think many people will be bragging about having a diamond like bevel on the side of their phone.

      I don't think anyone should brag about any of their phones ever.

      It always sounds awful.

    Smacks of distraction. "New apps, nooo, look at the beveled edge. Shiny. oooooooh."

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