Valve Is Testing These Crazy Gaming Goggles

The New York Times has a great feature on Valve and some of the things they've been up to recently, including these crazy wearable goggles.

Here's how they describe the contraption:

Every way I look, the scene shifts, the battle unfolds. I have a crazy contraption strapped to my head: a boxy set of goggles that looks like a 22nd-century version of a View-Master. It immerses me in a virtual world. I whirl one way and see zombies preparing to snack on my flesh. I turn another and wonder what fresh hell awaits.


Now Valve executives think they may be onto the next big thing in games: wearable computing. The goggles I'm wearing -- reminiscent of the ones Google recently unveiled to much hoopla -- could unlock new game-playing opportunities. This technology could let players lose themselves inside a virtual reality and, eventually, blend games with their views of the physical world.

The Times also mentions that Valve's Big Picture mode, a new interface that adapts Steam for use on televisions, will enter beta this Monday. We'll have more details on Steam's new television mode Monday morning.

Game Maker Without a Rule Book [NY Times]

Originally published on Kotaku Australia

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    I'd buy that for a dollar!

    I really need to rewatch the lawnmower man.

    Wearable goggles? What a novel idea.

    ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!! How much longer do we have to look at that glowing box. VR YES!!!!!

    The lengths people go to.......
    Some unfortunate people live an alternate reality all the time....

    We give them medication for it....

    Now people willingly want to confuse what is there with what is not really there....

    Scary.... Before long there will be some medication available for this disorder..... Hopefully....

      I hear ya brother, but I've come to the conclusion that we've all got problems, and we can all wear a medically diagnosed label. To choose to live in a virtual world can be peoples only way out of this world they are forced to exist in... You think I really want to have to earn money? I would much rather be self sustained with the ability to move around the world where, and when I please... But it's not up to us to allow such an existence, unless your born to a billionaire family, we're born into someone elses world.

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