US Planes Will Be Safe For Phone Calls As Early As Next Year

Boeing is making a big push to outfit its aeroplanes with more connectivity. By 2013 all new Boeing 747-8 and 777 planes will have built-in systems so that you can make calls on your mobile phone while flying. Hurray!

In addition, Boeing already offers a kit to make its monster 787 Dreamliners phone call friendly as well. Incredible, right? No, not just incredible -- GAME CHANGING.

Clearly the company thinks this is safe. But there's still the issue of the US government and the airlines giving the OK. We hope it happens, since the rule against it is ancient and based on old technology. It should be possible now. Hear that FAA?

The ball is in your court. [Boeing via CNET]



    whats the bet its going to be quite costly.

    It's already bad enough with all the assholes thinking they're so important they have to still keep talking after the doors are closed and they've been warned by the hosties

      warned about what?

        Warned to get off the phone they'd already been told to switch off all electronic devices. Constantly see ppl talking right upto the very last second and then switch to continue tapping away on thier crack berries as they're so much more important than everyone else.

          Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning??

          Move on and build a bridge then get over it because life moves on.

            Build a bridge? How about do as your told instead of thinking your so much more important than everyone else.

            You sound like the type of person who used to start arguments on flights out of Sydney cos you wanted someone to move thier carry on so you could fit your Krispy kremes in.

              how about the rest of the world knows it doesn't cause a problem, so why don't you catch up..

              you sound like the sort of person that thinks using your phone in a petrol station can start a fire..

                Did I ever make mention of the fact I don't want to die ? Did I ever question the safety of it ? I merely stated my opinion shared by many that the last thing we need is more people yabbering about random crap at the top of thier voices.

                There's ZERO safety issue using your phone on the train yet we've had trials of quiet carriages which have been well received and improved peoples overall travel I think this is even in permanently now not sure don't live there.

                For reference I stand there and text whilst filling my car, but that doesn't piss every one else off at the servo around me.

      Soooo!!!! Right Allan. It'll be a new age of douchebags who think they can talk to their 'important' friends your whole [email protected]$%ing flight leading to heaps of attempted murders onboard flights :P

    Monster 787? I thought 787 is a relatively small plane...

    Is that "game changing" being used ironically or emphatically? I can't tell.

    Yes, this will be just great. I can think of nothing better than being stuck next to some jerk yapping on his phone. Good on you Boeing, it may be good for a few but will be torture for the rest.

      How is it different to 2 people talking to each other? oh, it is only 1 side so you can't hear the whole convo.. i get it.. moron..

        It's bad enough on other public transport...on planes people are sandwiched together even closer.

        I prefer the Japanese approach...when you are in a crowded space with other people, STFU.

    it's safe already.

      It's safe for the aircraft, but incredibly disruptive for the mobile phone network, which wasn't designed to have all these people moving at 600+km/h and visible to half the cells in a given city.

        Cool!!!!! So the signal goes up 10,000 metres? isn't that a tad wasteful? What with mostly nothing up there....?

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