Universal Peripheral Batteries Is A Great Idea That Will Never Work

Imagine if everything on your desk was powered by identical batteries, all of which could be recharged by slipping them into matching charging slots on the side of your computer. It might not be ubiquitous wireless charging, but it still sounds pretty great, right?

In fact, Apple has just snagged a patent for exactly that. The patent document proposes a system where similarly sized li-on battery packs are used across every gadget you use, from keyboard to mobile phone. The batteries are then simply plopped into the side of a computer to recharge and could even be used to extend runtime when plugged into a laptop. It sounds perfect.

Sadly, such a utopia seems unlikely to arrive. This patent was filed in 2010 and originally harks back to 2007. Given Apple's insistence on using non-removable batteries these days, it seems unlikely it will pursue the idea. And if other companies were to try something similar, the very thought of the mish-mash of competing standards is enough to make me cry. Sadly, the future hasn't arrived yet. [USTPO via Engadget]

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