This Week In Beautiful Things: Maple Bluetooth Keyboards And Underground Parks

Oh hello. Good to see you again. You know the drill — we've got a ton of gorgeous things we posted this week. From a giant birdhouse to a repurposed old chair, here are the most beautiful items of the week.

Beautiful Maple or Walnut Bluetooth Keyboards: The Wood Makes It Good

If gleaming white plastic and brushed aluminium don't suit your fancy when it comes to keyboards, a French design shop called Orée will hand craft you a beautiful alternative made from your choice of either maple or walnut wood. But if you thought keeping your current keyboard clean was a pain, imagine having to sand and re-stain it every year. More

These Recycled Chairs Put a Used La-Z-Boy To Shame

People abandon a lot of unwanted furniture. Sometimes you can find an amazing classic couch. Other times, you come across a mattress, and you should never take a used mattress, no matter how free it is.

Would You Use This as a Table or a Lamp?

I want this finely crafted object, that much I know. But would I use Goodbye Edison's Woody W01 as a proper lamp, or would I use it as a table that provides some ambient ground lighting? The agony of having to choose is making my brain hemorrhage. More

This Beautiful 1980s Radio Looked Vintage Before "Vintage" Was a Thing

Take one look at this old teak and leather-clad Roberts radio, and you'll swear it dates to the 1950s. But this UK-made Rolls Royce of radios comes straight from the polyester 1980s. The Roberts R900 is quite possibly the last great radio made before video killed the radio star. More

Amazing, Giant Nature Posters to Adorn Your Bare Walls

The amazing lifeforms that inhabit our planet are art in and of themselves. Often pictures of these wonderful living creatures and organisms speak for themselves-a little goes a long way, which makes artist Debbie Carlos's simple black and white posters so lovely. More

A Treehouse Tenement For 76 Birds and One Human

Birds are awesome. From a distance. Up close they are terrifying, startling creatures that will crap on you and swoop unexpectedly into your face, making you scramble to hit the deck. Now an avian slumlord has created a bird tenement capable of containing 76 birds-and one weirdo human-at a time. More

A Modern Glass and Steel Rail House in the Heart of the Netherlands

Utrecht-based Zecc Architecten BV is the firm behind this gorgeous old railway cottage restoration in Santpoort-Noord, The Netherlands. More

How NYC's Underground Park Will Stay Well-Lit and Alive

Winter makes you crazy because you spend so much time cooped up without fresh air or sunlight. With that in mind, some people in New York City have plans in the works for an underground park-the Lowline-to be built in an abandoned trolley station and lit through a remote skylight system. More

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