This Is The New Playstation 3

Normally the words "there's a new PlayStation out" would fill me with glee. My ears would prick up and I'd whirl round in my chair with excitement to read about the new, next-generation console. There's a new PlayStation out, but it's not the PS4, it's just a slimmer PS3. What?!

Sony announced the new, slimmer PlayStation 3 at Tokyo Games Conference 2012 less than an hour ago. The press release says that it's designed to "further accelerate expansion of the PlayStation 3 platform towards upcoming holiday season."

Wait. That's wrong.

'To sell more Playstation's without really giving you anything new'. There, I fixed it.

Seriously though, there are a few differences with the new Playstation 3 that extend it beyond just an exercise to sell a bunch of consoles for Christmas.

First of all, it's a lot slimmer again. It's half the size of the original PS3 and 25 per cent slimmer than the current PS3 on the market.

It's available in Australia from 27 September and it comes in two models: a 12GB and 500GB model. The 12GB model -- which is running flash memory I'll have you know -- will set you back $299.95, while the 500GB model will cost $399.95.

12GB isn't a whole lot of storage, which is why Sony is selling a plug-in 250GB hard drive you can purchase separately.

EB Games are already running pre-orders and bundles for the units which you can check out here.

New PS3: loathe, like or love? [Kotaku Australia]

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    I don't understand.... were you angry about the PS3 Slim too?

      It's Luke Hopewell, he has no idea what he is mad at, he is just mad.

    The 12gb just makes no sense!

      Dunno about that I have an original ps3 and I have only used about 6gb of the storage not a huge console gamer mostly use it for casual gaming and bluray / dlna video / iview etc..

      12gb would be sufficent for me (especially if a usb hard drive can be used for extra storage)

      The 4GB Xbox sells quite well as a low end cheap Xbox model, so there's no reason why the PS3 one won't work...

    what a joke ! ! ! we haven't seen anything new from sony for quiet a while ! ! ! !

      not looking very hard they only released the new psp few months back

        Yeah but it was terrible and flopped so it doesn't count.

          It's fantastic! It didn't flop, it's only been out for a few months!

    Does this one like fit in your pocket? !

    They should stop re-releasing this console! Not many people care about small for a gaming console. They just want a beast of a gaming machine!

    I've still got the original PS3, I would mind a slim one like this just cart around with me if I'm traveling but that's way overpriced for such an old console, the 500Gb model shouldn't be any more than $200-$250 imo.

    12gb, i would have gotten excited about that back in around 2002, now pfft, 500gb aint so bad but still a ps4 would be better

    Should have copied Apple and just made a longer PS3

      Really? An Apple joke on an article that has nothing to do with Apple or anything they make. Either your stupid or trolling, hard to tell...

        Its the "Slimmer" part that ties into Apple... Loosly perhaps, but still valid.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I was just hoping for a cheaper price, my current ps3 is slightly broken and would replace it if it got cheap enough, but I've just migrated to PC gaming since then really.

    So let me get this straight - last Xmas you could get a PS3 with a 160GB hard drive for $ is this good for consumers again??

    I want to replace my crappy original one, but I want to use my current 500GB HDD...wil this work?!

    This only really makes sense for the Japanese market, where the size of gadgets (in their tiny homes) is a real issue. After all, it's said that the large size of the original Xbox was a factor in its lack of success there.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        That's a false and offensive comment. Japanese culture has had a strong western skew for many decades.

    How many iterations of PS3 have there been? o_o
    I've wanted to get one for a while, but Sony keep releasing updated models so the prices never really drop.

      This will be the third form factor.

    Best things in life are three.
    PS3. Third revision.

    Just as long as it's quieter and runs cooler than the previous PS3 then whatever Sony.

    The only good news will be the fire sales of the old slim. My phat died and I refuse to buy a second PS3 at RRP.

    I wouldn't touch one of these new super slim's, looks like a kids toy with a hinged disc tray instead of slot or tray load.

    Isn't the whole point of these smaller ones is there sposed to be cheaper? Complete rip off IMO.

      They're following the Apple example. Release the same thing, just thinner.

    I'm happy with my 40gb version still. Though I would have liked this 12gb one better when I put the slim 120gb in my car 2 years ago. The 120gb fit perfectly under the driver's seat! :D

      The Goose? ;) (If so, lovin your section on Good Game)

    "To sell more Playstation’s"

    To sell more Playstation's what?
    You mean PLAYSTATIONS.
    (Playstation's = belonging to Playstation)

    I waited for the slim ps3

    but a slimmer slim?
    Its obviously a way to milk whats left of the ps3 before the ps4

    no draft N support ... massive whale fail

    The 12GB PS3 would make a great media/internet TV box that also happens to do games - but then again so would the 160gb Slim for the same price; or my launch PS3 (phat though it may be).

    Nintendo now has at least a one year headstart on Sony. Wonder whether MS is going to give Nintendo the same luxury?

    I think the main thing is they make it cheaper to manufacture. Then try to find ways to market it to the people that don't have a PS3 yet, and previously had little interest in owning one. Flash memory will attract some.

    I sure hope for all the purchasers of this latest version, there is less chance of YLOD.

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