This Is The New Playstation 3

This Is The New Playstation 3

Normally the words “there’s a new PlayStation out” would fill me with glee. My ears would prick up and I’d whirl round in my chair with excitement to read about the new, next-generation console. There’s a new PlayStation out, but it’s not the PS4, it’s just a slimmer PS3. What?!

Sony announced the new, slimmer PlayStation 3 at Tokyo Games Conference 2012 less than an hour ago. The press release says that it’s designed to “further accelerate expansion of the PlayStation 3 platform towards upcoming holiday season.”

Wait. That’s wrong.

‘To sell more Playstation’s without really giving you anything new’. There, I fixed it.

Seriously though, there are a few differences with the new Playstation 3 that extend it beyond just an exercise to sell a bunch of consoles for Christmas.

First of all, it’s a lot slimmer again. It’s half the size of the original PS3 and 25 per cent slimmer than the current PS3 on the market.

It’s available in Australia from 27 September and it comes in two models: a 12GB and 500GB model. The 12GB model — which is running flash memory I’ll have you know — will set you back $299.95, while the 500GB model will cost $399.95.

12GB isn’t a whole lot of storage, which is why Sony is selling a plug-in 250GB hard drive you can purchase separately.

EB Games are already running pre-orders and bundles for the units which you can check out here.

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