This Aston Martin Android Phone Doesn't Meet 007's Specifications

Bond might be saddled with an Xperia smartphone now that Sony Pictures is producing 007's outings, but he should be glad he's not stuck with this polished junk. Meet the Aston Martin Aspire, the $US1300 Android phone that no one should ever buy -- it's no Vertu that's for sure.

It comes in five colours -- black, white, silver, gold and rose gold -- because you know your blinged-out phone has to match your gaudy gold-covered fingers. The base model will burn a $US1300-shaped hole in your pocket, while the last two variants get pushed up to $US1600 thanks to 24K gold in-lays on the case. Classy.

Specs are less than impressive too: it comes with a 3.2-inch HVGA screen and a colossal 800MHz single-core chip backed by a whole 256MB of RAM, 512MB of storage and a microSD card slot. It's also got a 5MP shooter on the rear and a VGA front-facing chat cam on the front. Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS are there too, along with Android 2.3 Gingerbread -- cutting edge technology from Aston Martin right there.

But you do get a leather pouch, as well as not one but two 1500mAh batteries in the box. For the same kind of money, I can't help but think you'd be better off buying two Samsung Galaxy S III devices. Or, err, anything else? [Eprice via Unwired View]

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    Why are ridiculously expensive phones always so ridiculously underspecced?!

    They're infringing on Apple's patented business model. Watch out Aston, Jobby's crew is coming for you next!

    This would suit Wayne Kerr.

      I'm not really too surprised, these current luxury carmakers tend to coast on their brand reputation fro decades back. They don't hire clever designers.
      What chunky, ugly crap. AT least it's recyclable.

    HUH! underspecced and still better then an iphone....who woulda thought.

    Cosmetically it looks like an old Palm from the 1990s

      I highly doubt this is legit from Aston Martin. I've "liked" their official Facebook page as well as the Aston Martin Racing page and haven't seen anything about this piece of shit. Where's the link to buy it on their site? Seen no official pictures, just these same repeated amateur shots that look like they're from an ebay ad for a cheap chinese phone.

      +1 love your work Jay.

      Ian Callum & Henrik Fisker wouldn't be impressed.

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