This Amazing Skyscraper Parks Your Car In Your Living Room

I've seen other amazing robotised parking systems in the past, but this just seems insanely unreal to me. Just watch this guy parking his Lamborghini in his living room. It's like someone went to the future in a nuclear-powered DeLorean and filmed the whole thing. [LiveleakThanks Karl!]


    Great idea, but hugely impractical if you have two people living in the same house or if everyone wants to leave at the same time (like rush hour). Also, what if your car won't start up on the 15th floor? The service car won't be able to take the lift because you'll have taken up the space.

    The floor will also look really ugly without the cars, because the whole floor leaves with it, with rails where white tiles used to be.

      Exactly what I was thinking. What about when everyone wants to leave for work in the morning at the same time? That one lift must be a massive bottleneck.

      As for servicing a car that won't start, surely you could just ride the lift down and then push/roll the car outside.

        You didn't watch the video did you?

      You would actually not know whether the car wouldn't start until it got to the basement, at no point is the car running in the lift if you hadn't noticed.

      if you could afford to own a Lambo and live in an apartment that has a freaking lift for your car, I am pretty sure you wouldn't be the type of person that needs to leave for work during rush hour

      Does it really matter what the floor looks like when the car isn't there? If I had a Lambo, no one else would be driving it, hence, when I was there, the car would be too. Easy! No ugly floor.

    Not sure I would want to sit in my lounge looking at the station wagon.

      Haha - obviously only really a benefit if you have a decent supercar to look at. There's so many new apartments going up in Singapore, I guess they needed something to set them apart.

    Poor people with no money in here complaining.

    I would think you want drive into the lift and stay in the car , only getting out once at your apartment

    Guys, it's a Lambourghini. Do you really think they commute to work?

    As a gadget fan: me likely. As a practical person:
    1. Why is the lift on the outside getting the nice views instead of the inside with the other lift wells?
    2. Why couldn't they add some doors or retracting bars or something at living level so that I can sit in the car and safely get out once inside my apartment?

    I cant believe some of the silly nitpicking comments being made. OMG he cant ride in his car, or it's so ugly when the car isn't there or OMG, the car gets a better view on the ride up than he does. You guys are completely missing the point, the whole setup is a huge show off and you'll never have to worry about putting up with any of it because likely none of you will ever have enough money to buy his front door let alone that lifestyle.

      True, affordability was one point that I honestly had never considered, but if these things are going to be available for someone else to have then I don't see the harm in suggesting improvements.

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