This $6000 Tripod Doubles As A Ladder

The advent of articulated LCD displays has made it a lot easier to snap over-the-head shots at crowded photo-ops. But its usefulness pales in comparison to the cleverly named Tree-pod tripod from Fishbone, which lets photographers and videographers perch three metres high over crowds for the perfect unobstructed shot.

The $US6000 Tree-pod collapses to just a metre in length, but even though it's made from an aluminium alloy, at over 13kg it's not necessarily the easiest thing to lug around. Scaling the Tree-pod is not unlike scaling a telephone pole, using the compact foot and hand holds attached to each leg. But with such a small footprint on the ground it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to topple the makeshift structure when there's a 70kg human-sized weight at the top. [Fishbone Stabilizers via DSLR News Shooter via PetaPixel]

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