This $1200 PC Case Looks More Like A Motorbike Than A Gaming Rig

For many, spending $US1200 on their entire PC would be a bit much. Spending $US1200 on just the case? That's crazy talk.

Yet if you can afford it...and I know some people out there can...well, there's a case for you on the market, and it looks great. Like something that should be sitting under a panel on the Normandy, not beneath some guy's desk.

It's the Murderbox II, the follow-up to a case we showed you last year. Its creators use words like "bespoke" and "discerning" as though this were a Swiss watch or a top-shelf Mercedes, and really, considering the price and the build quality, I guess this pretty much gaming's equivalent.

It's made almost entirely out of raw aluminium that's mechanically etched and then anodized, while construction is assembled by hand.

Only 499 will be made. If one of you 499 ever actually buy one, don't send us photos of how amazing it looks, it'll just upset me.

Those reading this on something encrusted with diamonds can seriously contemplate ordering one here.

Originally published on Kotaku Australia

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