The New HTC One X+ Looks A Lot Like The HTC One X

Pocket-lint is reporting that it's been sent images of the new HTC One X+ from a trusted source and... it looks almost identical to the existing HTC One X.

There's currently no official news from HTC about specs or release date -- because the phone hasn't actually been officially announced yet. But these images suggest that it's going to look practically identical to the existing HTC One X.

Previous leaks have suggested that the phone will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and come packed with an Nvidia AP37 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 32GB ROM and 1GB RAM. Judging by these pictures -- if they are in fact real -- it won't be long until it's officially announced. [Pocket-lint]



    Tegra 3+ (1.7 ghz quad core, LTE capable)

    As for design, One X was a great looking phone, its good they didn't change much.

    still no SD Card?????? omg...

      cry much???

      32GB has been fine for me. mind you i have 2 laptops etc etc

    Only changes that I can see are less horizontal bezel (bigger display? smaller phone?) with an alternate colour scheme. Then agan, if they can improve on the battery life and throw a quad-core LTE capable chip into there, the SGS3 has some serious competition.

    They should probably have called it the GTC One XS. (Troll, obviously)

    The only two things I want on the next model are expandable storage and longer batter life.

    Other than that I consider the current model pretty much perfect.

      always more battery, always.

      I did immediatly look for one thing though, the damn camera lense still looks to protrude out so it is always in danger of getting scratched

    Well, it isn't exactly called the HTC Not One X.

    WOW, with the plus symbol on the end of it, you would have expected it to be completely different!

    If this comes soon I'm on board!

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