Watch: The Julian Assange Movie Looks Incredible

Julian Assange and his leaky-activities have occupied the headlines for over a year now, so it was only a matter of time before the man's life was spun into a movie. Normally these biopics are awful, especially if they're direct to television, but this one is different. It's called Underground: The Julian Assange Story and it's a Wikileaks origin tale that looks amazing.

We've been following Underground for a while, right back when it started shooting in February, we were interested and we asked you to contribute props to the flick if you had them.

All that help has paid off, because this two-minute trailer released by Channel Ten looks amazing.

Watch Rachel Griffiths light up the screen as Christine Assange and Anthony LaPaglia fill the frame as the badass detective who is out for Assange and his crew.

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