The iPhone 5 Isn’t The iPhone For The Masses

The iPhone 5 Isn’t The iPhone For The Masses

Now that we know exactly what’s in the iPhone 5, we can say this out loud: it isn’t the iPhone for the masses like the iPhone 4 was. It’s not the phone you’re going to whip out at parties and wow the room with, nor is it the one you can give to your parents and blow them away with all the new shiny tech. So who is it for?

Here’s what the spec sheet will likely say when it goes on sale in telco stores around the country: 4G speeds, 8 megapixel camera, larger screen, fast processor. Bar the screen and the networking, that’s pretty much what the last price tag said, which isn’t going to have people throwing money at Apple Stores.

When you run down the changes in the actual hardware, though, it’s far more impressive. The iPhone 5 is much thinner, much lighter and holds a shrunk-down A6 Cortex processor, the same 8-megapixel camera optics from the 4S (with some shiny improvements, a bigger battery, a 4G/LTE antenna and a bigger screen. It does all this while maintaining an 8-hour battery life during 4G browsing, and a 225-hour standby time.

Looking at the hardware in detail and understanding it makes it an impressive phone, but when you do a brief overview of the headline features, it’s boring and same-ish.

The iPhone 5 then is the phone for the engineers.

The tinkerers. The gadget faithful. The ones who know just how hard it is to squeeze that much into such a small amount of space. The ones who love seeing the nerd porn that is the iPhone 5 with its back cover off.

Truth be told, the engineers is who Apple needs to win back. They’ve been busy all this time tinkering with their Android handsets. Now with this nifty new piece of hardware might they start taking notice.

Check out the official video to see this engineering porn in action.

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