The iPhone 5 Is Coming On September 12

If you're holding out on buying an iPhone until the new one is out, mark Apple's just-announced September 12 event on your calendar. The Loop has posted the invitation and says the event will begin at 10am PDT (September 13, 3am AEST) at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

If you wanna read into the teaser image Apple sent out, the shadow of the 12 is a 5, suggesting that it just might actually call the next iPhone the iPhone 5 after all. If you haven't been keeping up, rumours have suggested the iPhone 5 will have a new two-tone unibody design, a redesigned dock connector, 4G LTE and a larger 4-inch display using Sharp's IGZO technology. There's also a possibility the phone could have NFC technology baked in, along with redesigned earbuds.

iPods are typically a hallmark of the September Apple event, and although they're not the must-have gadgets they used to be, it's always worth keeping an eye open for those. There are also rumours that Apple could trot out a 7.85-inch iPad mini as well, but there have been another wave of rumours since that suggest that may not happen until October. And then there's the ever-mythical iTV that could magically appear anytime between now and never. Either way, all will be revealed early Thursday morning next week. [The Loop]


    Isn't the number 12 patented by clockmakers?
    I smell a lawsuit.

      Well, a clock is the shape of a rounded corner, so I sense that Apple is going to take them to court on that.

        any similarities to the teaser samsung just released is purely coincidental

          That gave me a good laugh!! haha thank yoU!

            You actually took the time to draw that up just to attempt a troll?

              hehe ... yeah, took me hours. i love samsung, but if ever there was a company that deserve to have the piss taken out of, it's samsung.

          1. Nice joke.
          2. That's a really badly drawn 'S' shadow
          3. Almost is spelt 'amlost'...really??

            umm, it's kinda the point :facepalm: -- btw you forgot
            4. missing apostrophe. (why do i bother?)

              Keep bothering. I thought it was classic, and no explanation was necessary (funnily enough) :)

        saw some apples at the local groceries store today... wonder how long until apple notices and shuts them down?

    Curious to see if this new Apple maps is good or a disaster. I have a small feeling it'll be awful for the entire world outside of North America for the first year.

    Will it be released for sale on the same day? I cant recall if that is what happened with the iPhone 4S.

      Google maps has done awful things to Swanston St in Melbourne so

        .. can't be much worse when Apple would be looking to compete with/replace Google maps.

        Since the rumours about the size and maintenance of the square in the new iPhone though, I've decided not to wait for the new one and switch from iPhone 4 to HYC One X

          HTC ONE X!! oh ffs this is stupid typing on an iPhone!! *chucks phone in bin*

    I think the rumoured date to be able to purchase an iPhone 5 is the 21st.

    iPod 5 seems just as likely.
    Just saying.

    So does this mean that iOS 6 will probably be released then too??

      Yeah iOS 6 would be preloaded on the new iPhone.

    I wonder if Samsung will be successful in blocking it from sale if it contains LTE technology :/

    Do people think it will launch so quickly after being announced?

    I hope every leak online about design etc is all bull..

    I honestly dont like the look of the new iphone. Screen size is crap..

    If only the Galaxy S3 ad IOS installed on it.. Hate Android

      i'm crossing fingers for microsoft. windows 8 is very similar in philosophy to iOS. it'll be worse in some ways, but should have it's own bag of tricks too.

    This will be interesting to see how LTE will get put into the device in AUS.... if they do like the iPad its going to be another letdown for the AUS market :/

      i hope this happens bahawhaahahahah

    Yar the shadow is a 5.. the shadow also looks really big.. so.....

    My 3GS went off contract earlier this year and my continuing price is a bit of a rip-off, but I've been waiting to re-contract until the details of the 5 came out, then I'd choose between that and its competition at the time. I'd like to stick with iOS because of my existing apps and because I'm familiar with it, but the killer will be whether or not the LTE is Telstra-compatible. If not, a 4G Android/WP might just convert me.

    Are there any LTE WP8 phones out/in the pipeline? Wouldn't mind a Lumia.

      TBH I don't think it will come with 4G for Australia. You can pick up the 4G Galaxy SIII about to be released instead.

        That's what I fear - that they'll just reuse the chipset from the "new iPad" (stupid name). Guess we'll officially find out in a week.

        It'll be interesting what Nokia announces at midnight tonight.

        Isn't the new Optus network LTE ?

      Better of with the HTC one XL, it's 4G. I have the one X, only 3G but it kicks ass still, so quick and such a sick screen I love it, plus the new android is much better imho

    Does anyone get bored with this Apple event day things? To me they are just that, boring and now old. I'm sure that the event dates are all the same now, the format I'm sure are all the same and the people listening and watching the event are all either idiot fan boys that can't be bothered looking outside or media people paid to scream and cheer when a new device is released, even if it does look the same as the last two or three models.

    Seriously, this is getting very boring now.

    I hope they block sales from the LTE patents Samsung owns.

    recently had the Samsung Galaxy s3, great phone but android just isn't as polished as IOS.

      How is it not polished? This makes me laugh. You must be talking about Touchwiz not Android. hahahahaa

        You might be right on that. More then a few times I had lag issues and app's were forced closed. I've had android in the past and I normally put on a custom rom because the bloatware that comes with Android phones sucks. Not to mention the the iOS App store is far better then anything else on the market.

          I suggest one of the next Nexus phones. I had a HTC, it was okay but after a while its laggy and a horrible piece of bleep. Now own a Nexus and its a completely different experience. And with Jellybean its got no lag whatsoever.

            I went iPhone 3 > htc desire hd > iPhone 4 > sg2 > iphone 4s > htc one X > iPhone 4s > sg3 > sg2 (and soon to be iPhone 5)

            I've certainly tried out the majority of smart phones but i always find myself going back to Apple . I just think its much more polished and i never really get the lag issues or app crashes that i get with android.

              i went htc jasjam, iphone 3, 3s, galaxy s, iphone 4 about a frustrating month later, samsung galaxy tab (aggghh), ipad 2 weeks later, new ipad. my apple experience has been spectacular. kinda hard to change when you've had such a good experience going one way and gotten frustrated going the other. my gut feel is that nokia will be next. the win8 samsung next favorite. that's assuming apple doesn't have any surprises up its sleeve. still want either a tablet or phone that is apple because of all the things they do that nothing else on the market does.

        I currently have a Galaxy 3 and Android just annoys the crap out of me. The phone it self is fine but to me Android is like Windows of the mobile world. Depending what Apple announce I may buy the next iPhone or just get a iPod touch.

        As for LTE I feel Apple will include more bands then they did with the iPad. The iPhone is all ways a year a head of the iPad. Which means everything we will see in the iPhone on the 12th will come to the iPad next year.

    So, does apple give your details to the FBI when you purchase or do we need to forward them ourselves?
    or does iOS just synch your every move to bigbrother?

    I can't wait for this to come out, just so I can stop having customers ask me if I know when it's coming out! After having the iPhone 4, I will never buy an iPhone again. I don't understand why people think they're so amazing :-/ Maybe when they first came out, but nowadays they're nothing special.

      The only special thing about them is that they actually work!
      And why should you pay for the copied version of iPhone when the original phone is there!!!!

      Haha such a dumb thing to say. you will 'never'. I had a hyundai excel, it was so sh#t, but I said if hyundai ever make a nice car, I'd buy it - now they do make a nice car and I would. I wouldn't have been so foolish to say I'd never buy one again. Anyways we can't all have taste :P (excel non withstanding!)

    Hanging for the new WinPhone. C'mon MS!

    Wow, how surprising that the vast majority of Gizmodo comments are negative about an Apple story /s

    The Fanatical Fandroid ratio is quite amazing here compared to other tech sites. I love Android but I've never felt the need to immaturely bash Apple, call their buyers "sheeple" or turn a blind eye to their progress, given Apple undoubtedly produce quality hardware and software. Not to mention they helped redefine and shape the smartphone and tablet industry as we know it today.

    Google, Apple and even Microsoft are responsible for some of the most innovative products the world has seen over the previous decade. Picking "sides" and mudslinging other companies is about as childish as it gets.

    If you want to bury your head in the sand and pretend iOS is stale, broken, old or whatever (and ZOMG no widgets!!) then you're in denial or unhealthily obsessed with your Android device.

    Lots of love from an HTC One XL owner.

      apple is shit for more than the reasons you listed
      and to quote batman
      "its not who i am, but what i do"
      and what apple does is absolutely communist business practices

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