The Higgs Boson Discovery Is Now Real Science

In July, scientists announced that they had discovered what they strongly suspected to be the Higgs Boson, a particle that is believed to be the key to unifying the standard and quantum models of physics. Further experiments in August made the finding more certain, and now the results have been peer-reviewed and published.

Published as two academic papers in Physics Letters B, the results don't make for light reading, but they are important.

While nobody ever doubted the work of the CERN scientists, the results being vetted by peers and then published in an established journal act as a kind of rubber stamp. The results, as far as the scientific community are concerned, are accurate; the science is reasonable. The discovery, in other words, is valid.

As we've reported before, the scientists have to demonstrate a high level of certainty in their results for the work to be published. The initial results from July pinned a 5-sigma level of certainty to the finding: in other words, that there was a one in 3.5 million chance that the finding was a fluke. Now, the researchers are confident that there's less than a one in 300 million chance that the Higgs does not exist.

Physics Letters B was where British physicist Peter Higgs first published a letter in 1964, titled "Broken symmetries, massless particles and gauge fields", which initially sparked the hunt for the boson. Now, that chapter of physics is almost at a close. [Physics Letters B (1) (2)]

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    In ye olde days people believed that the universe was filled with invisible "aether". Then more modern scientists proved them wrong. Now I read about the existence of the Higgs Field. How does that differ from "aether"?

      Because scientific method.

      The aether was a concoction of the time due to the fact it was assumed all waves needed a medium in which to propagate. We are long past disproving such a notion.

      Because in ye olde days, people knew nothing of science, they made decisions based on ignorance and superstition.

      Are you saying these scientists are doing the same?

    Because they have actually discovered it and proved it. The aether was only a theory. Search up the Michelson-Morley Experiment, which was designed to prove the existence of the eather

      It does seem similar! They are 2 very different types of fields though. I find it kind of interesting that aether would have been very convenient but turned out to be untrue, and the Higgs field is inconvenient but turned out to be true.
      (From what I understand, a lot of physicists were hoping to find unexpected results, to help spawn new theories that reconcile some unanswered questions in physics)

    Right.. so they've found it, vetted it and verified it.! Time to turn the CERN tunnel into a motor bike velodrome for the masses..! Yay!! :)

    I just wish writers would stop capitalising the 'b' in boson.



    Now Apple will patent it and nobody else's products will be allowed to have mass.

    patent the Higgs Boson quick before Apple do...

      Too late.

        You think that space ship headquarters building is round and has vast underground system for nothing?

    hahaha braaains +1

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