The Funniest Pictures Found On Google Street View

If you've spent any time on the internet, you know that people are ridiculous. And they're even more ridiculous in real life! Artist Jon Rafmanhas been documenting the absurd in Google Street View since 2009 with his project 9-eyes and continues to find ridiculous picture after ridiculous picture. Here's a brief look at his collection of funniest images of people in Street View.

It seems to me that animals and kids make for unbelievably hilarious situations in Google Street View. Plus, you know that there's a better chance that you're looking at a real situation and not some scene cooked up by quirky adult-sized humans to purposely be weird. Check out all the wild pictures Jon Rafman digs up here. [Jon Rafman, 9-Eyes via Daily Mail]


Walk safely.


A day in the life of a tiger.

Kid must really hate shopping at Gucci.

Do work, baby.

Good hideout.

I can't help but crack up when I look at this one.



    More More More please :)

      Lots more where that came from here:

    OK saw the link Duh.

    Some amazing landscapes. a few dead people, police busts, many, many prostitutes, car accidents... and generally a lot of really amazing scenes.

    Very cool!

    Imagine having the job at Google of going through every single street view photo, blurring out license plates and faces.

      I hope you're not being serious?!

        Filtering of the photos is mostly automated as i undestand it. That includes blurring the plates and faces.

      Imagine having the job at a bottle factory, screwing the cap on each bottle by hand.

        For some reason I thought of Bart at the Box factory when I read your comment. Making me laugh.

      Imagine having the job at google of reading people's search terms, then getting up, and looking through all the Google filing cabinets, for the result! :p


          Traffic Warden your avatar has made my day. How I love Dogmatix

            Haha yeah! Dogmatix is the best, I've actually started buying the Asterix and Obelix collection, I have the first 6. We used to have to whole collection in our family but over time they were destroyed and lost.

              worth getting. I'd like to build up a collection myself. Can be an expensive endeavour!

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