Tascam's New Mics Remind Us To Hold Off On Buying iPhone Accessories

With Apple expected to reveal the next generation iPhone at next week's event, now is not a good time for manufacturers to announce accessories that could be obsolete in a matter of days. But Tascam didn't get that memo and so has graced us with a couple of new iPhone mics that you probably shouldn't buy.

It's not because of a lack of features though. The iM2X packs a set of condenser mics in an XY configuration for accurate stereo recordings to an accompanying Tascam iOS app. It allows for CD-quality captures and a USB pass-through still lets you charge your phone with the dongle in place. Since it draws power from the handset, it doesn't require its own batteries either.

But if you prefer to use your own mic or audio feed instead, the iXJ2 features two mic or line inputs that can be used separately or combined for stereo recordings. It's better suited for using the iPhone as a video capture device, when you want to be able to use lavalier mics or larger shotgun mics for better audio pickup. Pricing or availability for either model hasn't been announced yet, but since it probably won't be compatible with your fancy new iPhone, does it really matter? [Tascam Japan via Akihabara News]

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