Stan Lee’s New iOS Game Looks Awesome

Stan Lee’s New iOS Game Looks Awesome

You’d think after creating some of the most popular characters, stories and franchises in history, Stan Lee would be happy just to call it a day and relax. Nope. Instead, the Generalissimo is working on a new iOS game that looks just incredible.

It’s called Verticus, and it’s partIron Man, part-Tron: Legacy with just a hint of Wipeout thrown in there for good measure.

In Verticus, the world under attack from an alien race called The Obliterators who are set to destroy the Earth by detonating a device known as the Cosmic Fuse at our planet’s core. You play the superhero capable of reaching the Earth’s core and stopping The Obliterators from completing their cataclysmic mission.

From the looks of the early gameplay footage, it looks like you hurtle downwards from space towards the Earth’s core, dodging and destroying enemies and collecting suit powerups as you go.

No word on when it’s hitting the App Store, but it better be soon. This looks awesome. [Siliconera]