Sliding Chopper Keeps Your Fingers Well Clear Of Its Rocking Blades

If you're looking for as many shortcuts as possible to becoming a whiz in the kitchen, this concept chopper makes short work of meats, vegetables or whatever needs dicing. And you don't need to spend months honing your knife skills or constantly replacing bandages.

Designed by Andreas Kalt for the iF Design awards, the tool's large set of curved double blades rock back and forth, slicing through anything in their path. And since it's propelled by a sliding handle up top that always stays horizontal up, your hands and fingers are never at risk of being separated from the rest of your body. It's the modern equivalent of a guillotine designed for heads of broccoli instead of heads of heretics.

[Yanko Design]



    Pretty nifty

      I definitely agree, knives aren't really that complex are they?

        no... but fingers are. As an ex Chef - knives all the way - but there's plenty of 'un-co' ppl out there this would be perfect for.... (my wife included).

    Someone's always trying to reinvent the wheel with a more complex design and usually a higher price:

      not even -

        Excellent! And easier to clean.

    the key term here is "Double Blade" meaning that cleaning it will be a bitch! and you're far more lilkley to slice and dice yourself while cleaning then using it!

    It's just a mezzaluna with a fancy handle!

    How do you hold the food in place then?

      Simple! You just use one hand to hold the chopper and you use

      This. The hand holding the knife isn't the one that's in danger, so moving the handle to the top isn't going to make your other hand any safer.

      Indeed.. that was my most immediately thought. I have never even come close to cutting the hand I am holding the knife in.... and looking at this design, I think by using this that I wouldn't be able to make that statement.. I think it is the opposite of what it is trying to do.. not only is your other hand still unprotected but that swinging/sliding action looks more dangerous to the holding hand...

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