Shooting Challenge: 16 Shots Of Simple Elegance… Vote For Your Favourite!

Shooting Challenge: 16 Shots Of Simple Elegance… Vote For Your Favourite!

What’s the time? It’s Gizmodo Australia Shooting Challenge voting time! And that means last week’s Shooting Challenge is finally ready for your viewing pleasure. There are some amazing photos in this bunch, so start voting for your favourite photographer! They might just win a Seagate 1TB Backup Plus!

Note: In the interests of fairness, voting has been restricted to one per user, based on cookie and IP.

Voting closes at 10am on Tuesday, September 18.


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The 1TB Backup Plus Portable is a great prize worth $189 RRP and we’re excited to give four of them away — one each week — to Gizmodo’s Shooting Challenge faithful.

Who Won The Second Seagate Backup Plus Portable 1TB?

Last Week’s Most Voted Photo — Winner 2 of 4

Some amazing contenders last week in the Candid Shots challenge, but there can only be one winner, and the second of the Seagate Backup Plus hard drives goes to Steve Berrick for his awesome candid work.

Congratulations Steve!

This week’s Elegance images are below. Vote for your favourite!

Note: Linking friends from your social networks to the Gizmodo voting page is e encouraged, however, use of “vote farming” sites including (but not limited to) GetOnlineVotes or links directly to will result in disqualification. The goal is to grow the Giz Shooting Community in the fairest way possible.

Also a reminder to please be respectful and constructive if leaving a comment about any photo.

This Week’s Entries

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Ryan Adams

Shot on a Canon 60D with a 50mm 1.8 Lens at a local park at magic hour.
First time shooting for the challenge, i love the having any reason to get out the camera, so elegance was a great op. Ariel my fiance in this pic was lovely enough to let me shoot her this afternoon to enter the challenge. gotta say i love Magic Hour

Michael Nguyen

Canon 500D
EF-S 18 -55mm @ 36mm
ISO 200
F-Stop 5.0
Exposure 1/1000
Found this theme difficult to do till I went to an unique picnic event on Sunday at Carlton Gardens in Melbourne. Horrid weather but took a lot of shots around the gardens and the event. At the end of it all a bit of sun came up and was able to take shots of a lovely and patient cosplayer. A big thank you to her.
A small edit in photoshop.

Anthony Edge

These three elegant ladies rose up into one cold, windy, rainy night. Not a very easy photo to take without a tripod! Canon 60D, 18-200mm.

Phil B

Lucky enough to be at the wedding of two close friends this weekend, turned out to be a beautiful day. Here is the bride, fresh after the ceremony, radiant and beaming.
Fuji X100
1/680 sec.
Out of Camera JPEG – no manipulation

Merlyn Cantwell

This week’s shooting challenge had me thinking. There is little in the way of “elegance” in my life. I used the most elegant of items I could find- pearls teamed with a black flouncy dress. I used Picasa to crop the image and give it a slight HDR look.
Canon EOS550D
17-85mm lens
ISO 100
Ap 10

Thomas Stockdale

I was playing with my rope and discoverd this marvalis shape and now am posting it in as Elegance.
I made it by a number of ropes and swearling them to gether to form the picture.

Kyle Mantesso

Spring has finally hit Melbourne! After a long winter, the sounds of bees and the aroma of fresh flowers is once again filling the air. Snapped this early in the morning on the weekend on what turned out to be the most glorious day we’ve seen in months.
Nikon d3100
18-55mm Lens
ISO 100

Yunis Tmeizeh

For most of the week Degraves St & Centre Place possesses an edge which excites all that come near but on Sunday there was a sound that echoed and filled the entire lane. It wasn’t until you walked to the very end and hidden in a nook was a young fella dressed in a classic costume enchanting the entire area with graceful melodies from his accordion. His addition definitely transformed the strip in to something more refined and dignified.


Georgina Luczi

Title: The elegancy of the Chinese lantern.
Brisbane river festival started last weekend. They put up lots of Chinese lanterns. I caught this one hanging elegantly in the wind.
Camera: Olympus E-PL3
Lens: 14.0-42.0mm

Simon Lee

Taken: Fri 7th Sept
Camera: iPhone 4S
Classic Porsche Roadster; proof that power and elegance can co-exist (just like with Seagate drives :P)
Taken with my iPhone

David Thompson

This was a real challrnge for me as the previous day I had two wisdom teeth removed . I chose to shoot indoors cutting a flower from the front garden and positioned it infront of a black throw.Lighting was two workshop lights on the sides.
Nikon d3100
55-300mm set at 125mm

Chrisdian Winata

The picture was taken at Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra and it has been my favourite place to watch the evening twilight scenery for years. It just gives me a fantastic feeling whenever I see this amazing horizon surrounded by mountains, hills, trees, lake and a crystal clear sky. It is just perfect! And by the time I read the ‘Elegance’ shooting challenge article in Gizmodo, I knew what picture should I submit instantly. So, there goes the picture and hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂
Camera model: SONY NEX-7
Lens: 18-55mm kit lens
F-stop: f/3.5
Exposure: 1/8 sec.
ISO: 200
Post-processing: None

Megan Lee

After carrying my camera to and fro work since this challenge was released I finally get the shot I had hoped for on my iPhone 4s.
The cherry blossom to me shows the beautiful elegance of spring and the crisp blue sky behind it shows off the simplicity and promise of a brighter season.

Nick Karras

In relation to the theme I thought a candle lit table with flowers placed in a glass vase had a certain romantic yet classy nature to it.
Taken on a Canon 600d
Av mode
No flash
ISO 3200
44mm focal length

Joshua Vale

White Lily
I first tried taking the shot with the lily still in the garden but it just wasn’t standing out enough, so I decided to pick it and put it in front of some black card to really show of its simplicity and elegance.
Taken with Nikon D3100
F-stop f/5.6
1/60 sec

Rachael Ledwich

Is there anything more elegant than a magnolia???
This is the first year mine has flowered……..
Camera: Canon 450d
Lens: Canon EF-S 55-250mm
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/250
ISO: 200


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