Sending Your Son's Favourite Toy Train To Space Is The Coolest Thing A Dad Can Do

We've got a dad of the year nominee, folks! Meet Ron Fugelseth, a guy who gave his son's favourite train, Stanley, a trip to space. We've seen stuff hit space before but nothing has been as touching and aww-inducing as this.

Fugelseth built the rig that floated into space with a weather balloon, styrofoam box, video camera and an old phone for GPS. Stanley, the train, was attached to the outside of the rig and is the star of the entire show. The balloon (and Stanley) floated 29km up in the air before the balloon burst and landed back onto Earth -- 43.5km away from where they launched it.

The best part of the video is when father and son go looking for Stanley (who landed in a corn field). The pure joy on the four-year-old's face is unadulterated awesomeness -- he's so happy that his favourite toy got to go to space and that he got home safely. I love it. [YouTube via PetaPixel]



    Great stuff. Love the little animation done to the face. Only thing that could make this better is some narration from Ringo.

    29km isn't even close to being in "space" but I'm sure the kid doesn't know that.

      Gee, where's your sense of adventure! Beats looking at space and the atmosphere from books any day!

      Wow i do hope you don't have children with that sort of attitude. Let the guy and his son enjoy something together!

      Remind me not to get pissed with you mate...

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Christmas ...I think we found your Grinch.

    The look on Stanley's face when the balloon burst...priceless!

    Haha loved this, especially Stanley's face! What a great dad.

    it could have easily hit and killed someone!!!!!

      You just jinxed yourself. Stay indoors :P

      So could the millions of other objects that have been sent into space, where were your complaints about them?

      That said, The train (and the balloon) got to 29 KM. Officially space doesn't start till 100KM. Even by the American standard of 80km (put in place in a bid to out do the USSR and say we have more astronauts than you) it has not made it to space.

    Awesome! - Though why am I getting a nasty feeling that someone one day is going to attempt this with a beloved pet?
    Also...what happens if the fall hits a plane?
    (Sorry...I'm a bit *chicken-little*)

    ...and if he'd killed someone else's kid!?

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