Samsung's New Anti-Apple Ad Is Just Sad

Look, I'm just going to come out and say it. It's what we're all thinking, right? Is just a bit petty that Samsung is attacking people who line up for Apple products when nobody is game to line up for Samsung's?

Perhaps the point of the ad is that nobody needs to line up for a Samsung product? Is that it? I'm not sure.

Either way, these Apple liner-uppers are the people Samsung needs to win over. Samsung's last Next Big Thing ad for the Galaxy S II was cute. It plugged the device and Samsung scored a nice moral victory over Apple. Now the ad is getting a little more vicious about the people in the lines, the very people that Samsung needs to win over. Probably not the way to go about it.


    Apple are resting on their own brand merit at the moment and Samsung are taking it to them with a more power device in every way, Apple should stop crying and step up. the better the war gets the more consumers win!

    I don't think the people lining up are worth targeting, usually they're the die hards that can handle pre-order

    90 seconds?
    Not sure how many people will have an attention span that long.

    The greatest trick the devil played was to convince the world he didn't exist.

    Nice play Samsung. Convincing all the all the non-isheep that they aren't sheep to you.

    I thought it was funny.. they could have been so much meaner and nastier.. but they went, again, with a light-hearted approach.

    I love the bit where the guy's grey-haired parents turn up and it's them who the guy has been holding a spot in line for.. lol. That in itself speaks volumes on what Samsung is trying to say in the ad.

    Don't take adverts so darn seriously.. seriously.

      haha yesss, they are saying 'don't buy a gs3 for your mum, get her an iPhone', I love that they didn't try to cram in a bit where old people prefer the GS3 as well, they can admit it, iOS is easier for old people to work out.

    Geez, based on the writeup I went into that video expecting a cringeworthy, cheesy mess. Seriously, did Luke watch a different video? Embed the wrong video maybe? There is nothing wrong with that ad. It's very similar to their last one, and good on Samsung for breaking the mould of the boring ad. Actually doing something different, attacking the subject head on. If they'd produced some generic piece of fluff, with stock shots of people laughing while using their phone, some voice over and nonoffensive music, we sure wouldn't be talking about it now, would we?
    Maybe if the ad warped the truth or outright lied about the S3's capabilities (like Apple does regularly, but god forbid we bring THAT up), then there might be a cause for the indignation attached to this post.

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    Obviously posted by an apple fanboy, the ads funny. Get over it.

    What I hate about this ad is the implication that iPhone users can't make an objective decision on the platform that best suits their needs. It's bullshit.

    Those people have chosen iOS. Convince them that your platform is better. The ad completely failed to do that. There was not a single thing in this ad that made a case for switching ecosystems.

      "There was not a single thing in this ad that made a case for switching ecosystems."...yet there is everything in this sentence which proves apple's marketing and business practices were successful on you...they tied you in to an 'ecosystem' which you are too invested in to see that their products are now sadly lacking

        It's not an exclusively Apple thing. All of the current smartphone platforms try and tie you into an ecosystem. Android is all about the Google services and Windows Phone is all about the Microsoft services.

        People buy into one of those ecosystems and need a compelling reason to switch. I just think this ad failed to make the case for leaving iOS. I am not saying that case can't be made, just that it wasn't.

        As for the producs being sadly lacking - I think "lacking" is a very subjective term. I have never needed to share a playlist with somebody else, and can't see that I ever will. If I view a feature like tap to share as just a gimmick then iOS not having that feature doesn't make it "sadly lacking"

      Sorry, but that's kinda bullshit. The rational personal who likes their iPhone will simply pre-order and pick it off their doorstep, or simply wait till the hype dies down. The people who wait in the Apple line for days are those who are just in it for the photo-op or the really diehard fanboys. Samsung loses nothing by making fun of these people since they're not the ones who'd ever consider buying a Galaxy S III.

      There are normals and hardcore fanboys in each platform but the ones depicted in this commercial is the latter. The target audience for this ad are actually those in the middle.

        I agree with you that people lining up at an Apple store and general Apple users are different beasts.

        I still think this ad fails at actually advertising to anybody.

    Yeah got the iphone 5 on pre-order but i did laugh at this ad even though it was poking fun at me. In one sense Samsung is pretty peed off they lost in court and have to pay $1 Billion to Apple, so no surprise they are upping the stakes by purposely saying the iphone 5 is crap and theirs is better. In the other sense, it is kinda childish the way they are going about it, making posters with why specs are better on the samsung and now adverts. Even more so, the S3 does have 2gb of ram and quad core processor in it but the iphone 5 in a benchmark test with its 2 core processor and 1gb of ram actually beat out the S3. Either way, i dont have a problem owning either phone, be it Apple, Samsung or Windows/Nokia. I choose the phone that works for me.

      Beaten? You mean the score that the GS3 (jellybean) scored with 1781? and iPhone5 with 1601??

      And i'm glad you choose the phone that's right for you

        Not sure where you got 1781 from, double checked and it was Galaxy3 with 1560 and iPhone 5 with 1601.

          These numbers you got from are based on Geekbench results
          Galaxy S3 = 1754:
          iPhone 5 = 1539:

          The results are a good way to compare real world performance but a bad system to compare hardware cross platform. As it is an app, Android runs apps on Java and iOS runs apps on a C derivative which is a much faster even though the hardware is still worse. The only thing the iPhone 5 is good at is Javascript and raw memory speeds

    That ad was a crack-up. Funny how they can supposedly 'slander' apple just by stating truths.
    Samsung should use "S**t Apple Fanatics Say" for their next ad.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Actually no. It's been proven the S3's processor is actually faster than the iphone 5's processor in benchmark testing. Thanks for playing.

    I know giz are big Mac fan boys (with still a bit of open mind left) but this ads are great .... it goes back to Mac vs PC style ... and yes its funny

    Great ad. Great follow-on from the previous one. If you find yourself defending the automatic-enthusiasm-syndrome, watch Jimmy Kimmel's iPhone5 on the street video to see this sort of thing in real life. And its funny, because its true!

    "Ah – wrong Luke. Completely wrong. YOU might be thinking that but don’t tell us what we’re thinking." +1

    Best commedy 2012. The earphone jack is at the bottom, lol. A think this ad is jst great. Pple just don't know what they are missing while being biased

    What's "sad" is the fanatical way Apple zombies worship these products.

    Samsung your humour is bad and you should feel bad.

    aww Luke I'm guessing you have an iPhone, do you have 4G yet ?

    An ad!? I thought this was a documentary!

    I suspect this campaign is as much to help reassure Samsung customers that their choice of phone / company is correct and justified. It's clear that many Samsung customers are feeling a bit defensive over the (huge) amount of press Apple is currently getting - I see this as a nice, reassuring, amusing "hug".

    A campaign to win over Apple customers to Samsung would be extremely poorly timed were it to be released now - and yes, it's tone, message etc would be quite different from this.


    What happens in the real world where not every Android phone is an S3?????

    I thought it was hilarious. Anyone that lines up longer than a few hours for ANY phone needs to get a life at deserves to be shot

      "longer than a few hours"...i lol'd

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