Samsung Throws Down Gauntlet With New Anti-iPhone Ad

Not too long ago, Samsung faced a big loss against Apple in court, and now, it's just sat through the announcement of the new iPhone, which sold out its preorders in a matter of hours. What's a rival manufacturer to do? If you're Samsung, you attack.

In the US, Samsung has crafted a pretty aggressive ad comparing Apple's flagship iPhone 5 to its own Galaxy S III. You can guess who comes out on top. The lion's share of the ad's criticisms are fair -- the S III does have NFC while the iPhone 5 doesn't, and the same goes for removable battery and microSD storage. And there's a fun swipe at Apple's new connector.

Adorned with the clever tagline "It doesn't take a genius," the ad is due to roll out a bunch of newspapers tomorrow, where it will doubtlessly reach the sort of people who still read newspapers.


    I was going to comment but why bother you can't change the mind of a fanatic. Like the recent youtube video where they went onto the street with an iPhone 4s telling people it was an iphone5 and what they thought of it.

    Man this is lighter than my iPhone 4...The screen is definitely better.....It is bigger than my iphone.

    Maybe iPhone 10 will match android for features.

      Thats right . .Android came first and iOs is trying catch up!!!!! you know much in tech mate... well done! For a a Q, how about try and answer this simple Q for me.. What percentage of android phones run v 4.1?

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Tilt to zoom ??? ;)

      Yeah I was like.... ummm, what?

        You tilt the top away and the top line becomes proportionally larger so that it's the same size as it was without the tilt. True story bro.

    This is the best thing I've seen all week lol. Go Samsung.

      You mustn't get out much, huh?

    The Original iPhone (2007)
    No 3G, no GPS, no Apps/app store, only 2 MP camera, no Front Camera, the list goes on . . . several million people didnt care . . .
    iPhone 5 (2012) whatever Samsung says, several more dont care . . .

    Good idea, but bad execution
    When I look at the 2nd half of Samsung's list can't help but feel like "is that the best they could come up with??"
    Some of the features in the 2nd half are like Apple saying their phone "feels better" or has "higher max brightness" or something

    iphone is crap, plain and simple

    Here's a far more unbiased comparison for those who are genuinely interested

      The only thing I will say (and I'm not a fanboy either way) is that I'm very skeptical on those standby times on the GS3. Just saying.

    lol just had to mention how quickly the preorders sold out. That doesn't prove anything

    I was hanging for the iPhone announcement, as I have been running Android for the last 3 years and before that I had a 3G. Is it the most innovative phone on the planet? No. Is it the fastest/Biggest? No. Is the screen the best? Most likely.
    Will I be buying it? Absolutely.

    Not for any reason apart from the fact that I live in Australia, and I want to use my phone in the car with turn-by-turn navigation.
    Sure I can use it in a vast array of other countries. Assuming of course that my 4G LTE is one of the versions that is supported by a carrier there... but turn-by-turn navigation will work in Europe and US - even in some parts of Asia - but not here in Aus.
    Nope. My next phone is most likely going to be the Samsung ATIV S or the Lumia 920, as I think this will really be the first real version of Windows Phone ( as it is a Microsoft version 3 product)

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    I kinda wish apple had the Home, Menu, Back buttons like android phones. I find them really useful. Not a fan of the centre button (being the ONLY button)

    But if I owned and ran my own business and needed support, and had to purchase work phones, I'd probably go for apple cause they do have good support.

    But personally I like tinkering with my personal gadgets so that's why I have an android phone. It's really each to their own and what you require.

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