Roku's New $100 Streaming Stick Will Go On Sale In October

The new Roku stick — which was announced earlier this year — finally has a price: $US100. It's going to be available from Amazon and Roku in October, while other retailers will start stocking them later in the year.

Remember, in order to use the new Roku Stick, you'll need a special HDMI port called 'MHL'. Roku has a few TVs that are certified Roku Ready, but any MHL HDMI port is totally fine. Just plug in the Roku Stick and it will present you with the same old Roku menu and streaming selections you're used to from the old Roku black puck.

Roku's also announcing that it's launching a VUDU channel to its over 600 channels of content and a new Roku app that allows users to stream photos and music to any Roku streaming player with 'Play on Roku'. With more features constantly being added to Roku, Roku is very possibly the best streaming player you can buy. [Roku]

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