Report: Microsoft To Produce Original Video Content For Xbox

The New York Times Bits Blog reports today that Microsoft has hired former CBS executive Nancy Tellem to head up production of "original video content" for the Xbox. It's not clear what kind of shows they would be, but it points us in the direction Microsoft is heading.

The move towards content production could serve as a beachhead for the entertainment giant to start pumping out content across Xbox and Windows, especially since Microsoft has become interested in distribution lately.

American content providers such as Hulu and Netflix have also been pushing into original content lately. As movie studios and networks increasingly lash out against distribution channels, everyone seems to have decided to just make their own stuff to watch.

We'll have to wait to see what Microsoft does with its new video department. It could be really cool, or it could just as easily be lame as all get out. Although, if nothing else, this will probably be one more thing keeping Xbox Live Gold from being free. [NYT Bits]

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    This is a good idea but I hope to god that they open it up for Australia at the same time and not just North America like they seem to do a lot of

      That's a good point. It frustrates me to the point of crying when MS come out with amazing products but limit them to North America. One of the biggest mistakes they could make and they don't time and time again. Hopefully they start having a bit more faith in their products to roll them out worldwide.

      I'm pretty sure the reason things only get done for NorAm is because it is too hard to license stuff for the rest of the world, where different companies often hold the rights. This move is surely aimed at removing these barriers, so I don't think you have too much to be concerned about. I'm more concerned that it will most likely be rubbish, as opposed to something I might actually want to watch.

    Don't we see this rumour every few weeks...

    Wasn't there one that they were in talks with Conan to create their own lat night show?

    It makes perfect sense. It is exactly what cable TV did after realising that re-runs of old shows would only get them so far. Then individual channels like MTV started to do the same thing to expand their reach and broaden their appeal. In fact, if you go all the way back to the immediate post-war period, Philips understood perfectly that the only way to make their record player industry successful was to provide the content, so they started the record company that, after many acquisitions and mergers, became PolyGram. Form my point of view, there really cannot be too many companies investing in content (I need the work).

      Nice history lesson bruh

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