Reimagined Flags Based On National Stereotypes Are Awesome Art

Kirill Zaytsev's "Flagsters: Flags Letters Countries & Stereotypes" is a visual experiment using national flags and their verbal stereotypes to reimagine pre-existing national designs.

Because in every stereotype is a dose of truth, these flags truly hit the mark, every one. Take, for your first example Germany, above. Now click through to see the rest.[Behance via PSFK]

The United States of America









The United Kingdom


    would have been better without the background image

    I was suprised to not see stupid or obese in the American flag

    No Australia :(

      I assumed the top one was Australia.

        Now reading the article. I wonder why it isn't Australia.

          Australia would probably feature something about racism... Unfortunately we've had quite a few years of troglodyte racists attacking ethnic minorities now and it's come to define us internationally. Still it's our fault for not cracking down harder on the racist cretins and stamping them out.

            You're unfortunately really, really correct. Facebook has seen an abundant increase of Australian racism lately. Makes me sad. =(

            You're unfortunately really, really in-correct. I don;t know about Facebook, since I avoid it like the plague, but these supposed 'troglodytes' who attacked ethnic minorities actually came from mixed ethnic minorities themselves. (I'm referring to outrage about certain unacceptable bashings in Melbourne). We're too quick to pull the racist card in a fairly tolerant nation in which both Sydney and Melbourne contain populations in excess of 60% of people not born in the country. Is it racist to assume someone of anglo-saxon ancestry is a racist?


              I agreed with your perceptive observation, except I would add an exception for the Surfy-Anglos from the shire.

    For the American flag you left out WAR, DRONE and IGNORANT.

    It's the Union FLAG not the Union freakin JACK. The Jack is the pole the flag goes on on a SHIP.
    This message brought to you by Cleverclogs. Because being ignorant isn't cool.

      FYI: No one (besides you apparently) cares, we were always taught the "union jack" and that's they way it'll stay.

    From the other side of the Pacific, we see KANGAROO, OUTBACK, BEER, CONVICT.

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