Queensland Cops Find Tablet After Tracking The Idiot Who (Allegedly) Stole It

I love stories like this. It's what tracking apps were made for: helping you find your stuff when idiots wander in and take it. We've covered why stealing a smartphone is the world's stupidest crime, but some people just aren't paying attention. Queensland police recovered a "tablet computer" yesterday after the owner tracked it with an app.

Police will allege in court that three men allegedly stole and/or recieved tainted goods, including the tablet computer, after it was taken from another man's house two days ago.

According to Queensland police, the tablet was among a few other things stolen, but it was an app that allowed them to track the goods.

Let it be a lesson to all of you: track your stuff at all times. Also, don't steal tablets, laptops or smartphones you stupid crims. [QPS]



    Did the police lock down the owner as well for tracking the lost iPad ?

      No because it's not an actual crime, the idiot that stole the iPad was suing the owner.

    Why is the graphic sporting a map of what is obviously the Santa Monica Prominade area? Did the Queensland Police manage to track it down over seas or are we just being lazy for content again?

      And what's clearly a US phone number. Eh, I guess it's the story that counts - even though it's a little light on any detail. There's not much more to it than the title.

        Did this even happen? or is this another story taken from reddit and had the location changed to get people to take notice?

          This is why we linked to the press release from the Queensland Police Service. It happened, otherwise we wouldn't report it.

      Because they're going to have ALL the details of the report. Seriously, of course this image is just a mock up to go with the article. Would you want your phone number posted if you were the victim here.

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