Queensland Cops Find Tablet After Tracking The Idiot Who (Allegedly) Stole It

I love stories like this. It's what tracking apps were made for: helping you find your stuff when idiots wander in and take it. We've covered why stealing a smartphone is the world's stupidest crime, but some people just aren't paying attention. Queensland police recovered a "tablet computer" yesterday after the owner tracked it with an app.

Police will allege in court that three men allegedly stole and/or recieved tainted goods, including the tablet computer, after it was taken from another man's house two days ago.

According to Queensland police, the tablet was among a few other things stolen, but it was an app that allowed them to track the goods.

Let it be a lesson to all of you: track your stuff at all times. Also, don't steal tablets, laptops or smartphones you stupid crims. [QPS]

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