PayPal President Steps In To Unfreeze $60,000 Of Customer's Money

Paypal has earned the trust of people all over the world for its reliable payment services, but it's had its share of gaffes between that smashed violin and shutting down a charity toy drive. Now, PayPal is in damage control after locking up $60,000 of a customer's money.

It all started back in May when PayPal user Andy McMillan found his account had been locked down. In the process of trying to regain access to the funds, McMillan opened another account, which was also locked down. McMillan turned to Twitter for help and was told by PayPal that he wasn't getting his money.

But that changed when McMillan got this personal email from PayPal's recently appointed president David Marcus:

It's good news for MacMillan, but his harrowing tale is a reminder of what could potentially happen when transacting with a third party. With PayPal and similar payment services becoming more mainstream, security and accessibility only have room to improve. [Hacker News, Andy MacMillan via The Next Web]

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