Nexus 7 Getting A 3G-Version In Six Weeks?

Nexus 7 Getting A 3G-Version In Six Weeks?

The Nexus 7 is fantastic. It’s so good that this is Asus’ year to lose in terms of competition. The only thing that I wished was better in my review was the sceen, which we’ve discussed, and the fact that it doesn’t have on-board 3G. That could all soon change according to a new report.

MoDaCo is reporting via a “highly-placed source” that Asus and Google are preparing to launch a 3G version of the flagship 7-inch tablet within the next six weeks.

Writes MoDaCo:

I love my Nexus 7, but I really wish there was a 3G version. Well, according to our very well placed insider – my wish is about to be answered!

There’s not a huge amount to say… a 3G version of the Nexus 7 is coming, with no other hardware changes. Asus is currently ramping production in preparation for launch in around 6 weeks, with the exact launch date and territories still to be confirmed.

Hmmmmmm. *Rubs chin ponderously*

If it’s true, that’s going to annoy a huge number of people. [MoDaCo via The Verge]