Nexus 7 Getting A 3G-Version In Six Weeks?

The Nexus 7 is fantastic. It's so good that this is Asus' year to lose in terms of competition. The only thing that I wished was better in my review was the sceen, which we've discussed, and the fact that it doesn't have on-board 3G. That could all soon change according to a new report.

MoDaCo is reporting via a "highly-placed source" that Asus and Google are preparing to launch a 3G version of the flagship 7-inch tablet within the next six weeks.

Writes MoDaCo:

I love my Nexus 7, but I really wish there was a 3G version. Well, according to our very well placed insider - my wish is about to be answered!

There's not a huge amount to say... a 3G version of the Nexus 7 is coming, with no other hardware changes. Asus is currently ramping production in preparation for launch in around 6 weeks, with the exact launch date and territories still to be confirmed.

Hmmmmmm. *Rubs chin ponderously*

If it's true, that's going to annoy a huge number of people. [MoDaCo via The Verge]



    The only reason I'd be annoyed is if it comes out at the same price... which isn't likely.

    "If it’s true, that’s going to annoy a huge number of people. "

    Including me. I just ordered one yesterday! >.<

    Well, I originally thought that the lack of 3G wasn't anything major that I couldn't work around, but it's still annoying. I would assume the 3G model will be more expensive than the WiFi only model however.

    Dear ASUS and Samsung,

    I love your 7" Android tablets, they're great and you obviously know your stuff. Please make a 7" Windows RT or Windows Phone 8 tablet so I can buy it.



      I'm sure at least Samsung will bring out a Windows 8 tablet with a 7" form factor before too long.

      What about Apple? My source says that the iPad mini will be running Windows RT

    4G LTE?

      I wouldn't expect so, it just seems too complicated with the different LTE implementations and frequencies. All said and done though, do want and glad I waited.

    I wld have been very annoyed, except that last week someone suggested I use my iPhone Hotspot and it opened up a whole new world for me... And the data on my mob phone offer is better than whats currently available as a stand alone 3G SIM (come on TROLLS, prove me wrong!)

      The difference is you'll be sharing that data with your phone and tablet. You'll probably also find that you'll need to charge your phone more often as tethering and having 3G turned on more often will drain the battery faster.

        true & true - but a better option than having a dedicated 3G SIM ?
        Maybe ?

          Depends. Having the dedicated 3G SIM has the convenience factor attached to it. No need to fiddle around turning on your phone's wifi then waiting for the devices to connect to each other or anything like that. You'll be paying extra for the privelage though, both in the cost of the actual tablet, and the extra data plan you'll be buying. On that same note though, you'll be charging your phone's battery more often and you may realise you need to increase your phone's data cap anyway because you're now using more data than you initially expected to when you first signed up.

          Six of one, Half a dozen of the other, I guess.

            I read a lot of feedback that tethering with your phone requires a lot of "fiddling". For me, I just hit my hotspot widget, and I'm good to go. OK, maybe I have to wait 20 seconds or so, but really doesn't bother me.

            Granted initially I had to configure the hotspot on the phone, and the WiFi on the tablet, but after that, I'm one button press away from the interwebs.

              It's that 20 seconds I was referring to. Once it's set up all you need to do is switch on wifi on the tablet and on the phone (and turn on 3G on the phone, unless you have it on 24/7) and you should be good to go, but it does take that time for the devices to recognise each other and start communicating. Whereas if you had a 3G sim, it's available to use straight away. No need to connect to anything, just open the browser and off you go. Maybe at worst you need to turn the 3G on if you normally have it off.

              It's the convenience factor I was talking about.

    Immediate $100 added to the 299 16 gig price with 3G not worth it, probably cost them only $10 max to add a run of the maill 3G radio. Bear in mind it is not LTE, just 3G where even 3rd world countries have it.

    Loving the Nexus 7, if I needed 3G I would just tether it to my phone. Won't it add to the price tag adding the network capabilities? Happy I only paid $299.

      Yeah it no doubt would. To give you an idea, the Kindle Touch WiFi-only model retails for $169, whereas the 3G model which is otherwise identical retails for $215:

      So you're basically looking at around a $50 markup for the convenience of 3G - plus you'll need to get a SIM and sign up for another data plan with your carrier as well. Up to you whether you think that's worth it.

    I wont be annoy if Google make otg for usb storage and MHL so I can store my file into USB and plug my nexus 7 to my TV. That is all I ask.

      If you root your nexus, you can already do that. HDMI port to plug it into tv wouldn't be a bad idea though.

    Was going to get one, but stock wasn't really available at the local stores, and cbb buying online... so This might be a good thing? haha

    I'd rather get a Surface or something tbh, hurry up 26th October!

    3G is a waste of time on tablets for most people. You can either use a wifi tethering app on your phone, or get a wireless hotspot from your carrier of choice. Look at it like this: I've owned three tablets since the advent of the iPad. The original iPad, the Asus Transformer, and the Nexus 7. Tack on an extra hundred dollars to the price of each of those for 3G, and that's $300 I've saved (well, actually, $200... I fell for it and bought the 3G iPad). The point is, every workaround is cheaper than buying a 3G tablet every time you want to upgrade. Might be more expensive for your FIRST tablet, but it's cheaper the first time you upgrade.

    I spoke to my Asus rep yesterday. RRP AU$399, Telstra compatable LTE and quad band 3G.

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