New iPad Apps: Feed, Fieldrunners 2 And More

The rumoured iPad Mini wasn't mentioned at the iPhone 5 launch, but you have a consolation prize in these new iPad apps. Make illustrated music, play the sequel to a popular tower defence game, and introduce your kids to Dumbo.

Feed: There are heaps of music-making apps out there, but none as beautiful as Feed. Loop, cut, distort and record sounds, and as you do, beautiful multi-coloured illustrations appear on the screen. $1.99.

Fieldrunners 2 HD: Defend the world before it's too late. And by that I mean kill time on your tablet with this follow-up to the original popular tower defence game. $2.99.

Dumbo: The classic ugly duckling tale of Dumbo — we watched it on VHS and now kids are reading about the big-eared elephant in this new animated iPad storybook. If they're too young, it will even read to them. There are games, puzzles and all kinds of interactive activities in the app version of the timeless Disney tale. $1.99.

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