New Apple Ads: Thumbs, Ears, Physics And Photo Shoots

With the iPhone 5 available for purchase, Apple has, as expected, released a series of ads to go with it. We might not see these in Australia, so if you're keen on viewing them, here's your chance.



    i thought apple said that 3.5 was perfect for your thumbs. Also do we all have the same size hands?

    Why is there no discussion of the iPhone 5 battery issue. I have read other forums where lots of iPhone 5's are experiencing extremely poor battery problems.

      I honesty haven't had any battery issues. Had it since 3pm Friday and haven't charged it yet (came with 90% charged). I restored from an iCloud backup and been using it a lot. Still 20% charge. I'll have to charge it tonight thou.

        Like wise. iPhone 5 actually makes my iPad 3 and S3 feel sluggish. So far a very smooth experience and no battery issues.

    Apple says people believe.
    Apple contradicts, people believe.
    Apple does anything People will buy

    One of the coolest features is the seem less ways you backup your old phone to the cloud to setup your new phone. Try doing the same thing with a Andriod phone and you would need a computer and a few hours spare.

    Not enough is being said how useful this is, one of the reasons I am so happy to be using an iPhone over a galaxy.

      i think you might be doing it wrong on android.

    Apple's new logo....'The simple phone....for the simple person'

    I liked them. They had a bit of humour in their tone, and they managed to show off the device without insulting anybody.

      If I was a physicist, I would be insulted, but I'm not, so I'm just embarrassed for them.

    The first one about the thumb and screen ratio is a bit silly - a defense of their pokey little screens rather than a real ad for the phone. The rest aren't bad, they're quite smooth and well done, just terribly generic.

    Oh man that is the ideal panorama situation if any of those kids were high in sugar which they most likely would be theyd be moving around like crazy and ruin it

    that last one is hilarious... pans in horizontal mode when all he had to do was rotate the camera.....

      or he could take 2-3 steps backward...

        That would be too much of a radical step. Remember we must all hold the phone as Steve Told Us.

    first video = all about using iphone with one hand and one thumb.
    third video = now shows you’ll have to use two hands anyway cause multi-touch doesn’t work too well with one thumb!
    fourth video = turn the phone sideways to do landscape photos, if you want to do portrait it's fine upright but not for panographic photos.

    So we have 0 advertising things that actually make the iPhone unique... 4 inch screen... wow really... earbuds... (not a phone feature and still suck on sound quality), lighter, thinner, bigger screen... ok maybe a little impressive next to the competition on how thin it is, but that's about it. Motion-panorama - had an app that does the same thing already. Also, my camera does it too, and of a much higher quality.

    So much fluff

    As much as Apple products aren't for me, I have always thought that their marketing has been top notch - clean, simple and effective.

    These... strike me as pretty ridiculous and bordering on insulting to the intelligence - even for the intended US audience.

    Funny... i thought those iClone white earbuds were "iconic" in their stupid roundness.

    I especially laugh when iSnobs point out "what the hell are Ultimate Ears" or "JH Audio?" why aren't you using a pair of WHITE earphones?!

    Then i point out that my headphones cost MORE than their iPhones, and when I mean the coloration of sound, I'm not referring to the color of the rubber cord.

    Like it or hate it, that's some good copywriting.

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