Nestle Plays Willy Wonka In High-Tech Promotion

Goodbye everyone! I'm moving to the UK, where I will eat my weight in chocolate. Nestle has just kicked off a campaign that involves embedding GPS trackers in chocolate bars and NFC-enabled posters. If you unwrap one of six winning bars, Nestle will find you within 24 hours and award you £10,000 ($15,556).

The contest has a creepy name ("We Will Find You"), but it's actually a fantastic and fun way to get people to stuff their faces with Kit Kats. If you're fortunate enough to live in the UK, buy a wheelbarrow full of Kit Kat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky, Aero Peppermint Mediums and Yorkie Milk bars immediately to improve your odds. Just save some for me. [PSFK]


    I recall reading something about a laundry powder company doing something similar, was in South America somewhere maybe? that would pretty much follow people home from the shop, freaking them out in the process to give them a prize.

    Time to whip out the old F-ray.

      Ow! My sperm!

        Hmmm it didn't hurt that time...

    Well, that pretty much rules out eating Kit-Kats ever again.

    Just a matter of time before we're all pooping RFID dust...

    Surely you could use some kind of device that scans for a GPS / NFC and just wave it over all the bars.

      Futurama style when they are looking for the slurm golden ticket ;)

      It's called a Tricorder... Or a Tricoder App on ya smart phone and use the built in magnetometer to scan for metalic objects in the wrapper.

    I eat alot of chocolate, it will be embarrassing if I end up winning twice.

    But if you win, do you end up in a world of pure imagination?

    I just want to say thanks for using the gene wilder image of mr wonka not the crappy johnny depp version

    How trippy would it be to get a knock on the door by a hoard of Oompa Loompa saying "We've got something for you!!"

    Kit kats from the UK are the most vile, disgusting abominations of chocolate I've ever tasted. Just the fact that they might sell 6 of the things is shocking!

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