Motorola's Secret Weapon For Its Next Phone Is A Complete Edge-to-Edge Screen?

The Motorola phones that have leaked before its announcement event next week have mostly been varying degrees of meh. Droid Razr somethin' or another who cares. How are they going to make some noise? How about a complete edge-to-edge screen, meaning the entire front of the device is the display? Whoa.

Bloomberg is reporting that the new edge-to-edge screen is going to be the secret weapon Motorola hopes to use to differentiate itself from other stalwart Android phones like the Galaxy S III and HTC One X. Specifically, Bloomberg says:

The model also would be one of the first full-screen phones in the US, meaning it uses the entire front of the device as a display. The approach maximises the screen viewing space by eliminating the black frames or bezels around the display.

If this completely seamless screen is true and real and exists, that would be beyond awesome and mark the beginning of getting rid of the stupid bezels that mar our phones. It'd also help Motorola get out of Boringville Android USA, which is sort of inexplicable given that it was Motorola who kicked off this Android craze and it is Motorola who is owned by freaking Google. Whatever. I want my entire phone to be a screen and I want it now Motorola. [Bloomberg]



    After working in the phone industry, it'll take a miracle before i touch anything motorola.

    That being said, cool idea. But what if you drop it..will it break easily? Gorilla glass?

      "it’ll take a miracle before i touch anything motorola." amen.

      Gorilla glass wont make the screen any stronger. The reason they use the gorilla glass is to make the glass thinner, while still being reasonably strong. I have found, at least in the case of repairing iPads, that the glass, while thinner in each new generation, is actually much weaker with each generation as well.

    if they can pull this off it will be a serious contender in the android world.

    So does that mean bigger screen or smaller phone?

    They should of done this to the galaxy note 2. Them it would of ended up smaller than the gs3. Slack Samsung, slack

      holy shitballs that would be an incredible phone...

    After the horrible experience I've had with my Motorola Defy+, it will take a lot for me to go near another Motorola.

    now they need to make this into a screen so my triple display setup wont have the annoying black bars in it.

    I really doubt they'll do it.
    I which they'd do that with laptop screens though... It'd look great with tablets, but a bit impractical since you can't hold it easily without interacting with it- That'd apply to phones too, so wonder how they get around that?

      The way around it is to have the image run to the edge of the screen but have the software ignore input from an arbitrary frame around the edge where it is likely to be held.

        Then whats the point of having the full screen, when you try and tough something on the very edge and it would ignore your genuine input.

        I agree with Oz. Slightly impractical and I also think that with something stationary (like a tv) the image seems to 'float' quite nicely, but with a device that's background will be constantly fluctuating, to have a small bevel of some kind as a reference to the edge of the screen will make it less confusing to use - esp. with a quick glance.

    bit late, my RAZR has annoyingly massive bezels

    Don't you think that maybe there is not much to be done with the phone anymore when you start to get excited over not having a bezel around the screen? How does that have anything to do with the phone doing something new or exciting?

    I find that my SGS3 screen goes too close to the edge as it is, i am forever touching the screen with the corner of my hand especially when reaching for the top corner.

    No problem when using 2 hands but who wants to have to do that all the time??

    Screw this tech with phones, release a nice monitor with edge to edge screen.

      they have
      look at the newly announce asus sundialesque montiros and a few from LG

    Now they just need to do this for TV's... yes samsung your bezel is oh so small, but motorolla can do no bezels why cant you?! :)

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