Motorola's New RAZRi Has A Whopping 2GHz Intel Processor

Motorola says its new RAZRi is its "biggest launch since the original RAZR" (no sniggering in the back row, please). Certainly, it's the first phone to come with a 2GHz Intel processor. Sounds impressive, non?

Intel says it's the first phone not only with a 1GHz Intel processor, but any 2GHz processor. For the record, the San Diego phone Intel made had just a 1.6GHz Atom X2460 chipset.

Further specs reveal that the RAZRi will run Android 4.0.4 -- no Jelly Bean here yet -- with 1GB RAM, while boasting an impressive 4.3-inch display, all contained within a neat 126g package.

With a Gorilla Glass display that goes "edge to edge", the RAZRi also has a waterproof coating, like the one we first saw on Motorola's Xoom tablet last year. Meanwhile, a 2000mAh battery is the one big drawcard for me and will likely be for you too. Well, at least more so than the NFC that has also been added.

The 8MP camera can shoot 10 photos in less than a second, with the startup time touted at under one second -- so it should be pretty quick on the draw. On the software side, Motorola has added a "circles widget" on the home screen, which shows you such vitals as battery life.

The RAZRi will initially launch in Europe and Latin America -- it's not clear if or when it will launch elsewhere. [Gizmodo UK]

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    Bigger, faster.. BUT what's the battery life??

    A 2GHz Intel processor.  
    A 4.3 "edge to edge" Gorilla Glass display.
    Waterproof coating.
    An 8MP camera that can shoot 10 photos in less than a second. 
    The NFC chip. 
    And all this innovation not coming from Apple? 
    How could it be?
    No matter. 
    The iPhone is still the best.  Why else would Apple have sold 2 million of them last week, in less than 24 hours?
    And why else would Apple now be gearing up to sell 50 million more by year's end?
    It's all because the iPhone is still the best. 

      Why else indeed...! Surely, it can't be because of cock-eyed Apple fanboys... or could it? Naah!
      None of Apple's products are cutting edge technology... FACT.
      Apple's USP isn't what the iPhone can do... it never was... its HOW the iPhone can do it. The OS is miles ahead... not the phone. The phone is nothing special - just a very well put together piece of kit - which almost all phones are these days.
      It really is surprising to me that Apple sold more than 2M units in the first 2 days of launch purely on pre-orders... and this is solely based on hear-say and the desire to be the 1st one holding the phone aloft. That's it. iPhone 5 has nothing special over the iPhone 4S... :)... but you wouldn't have noticed that.
      PS Before you go quoting silly figures at me, I do hope you look at things objectively - these are cosmetic changes. IOS6 will also be available on iPhone4S... so, really... what makes the iPhone 5 more special than the iPhone 4S?

        OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG - you just lost the internet dude.

        Kafantaris was being sarcastic.


      I dont think you could argue a faster processor is innovation. The camera sound OK. I'd pay the extra bucks not to have the ugly Motorola logo splashed across the front but in reality they should be paying their customers for advertising.

      Ah shiiiit, it's ANOTHER troll in the Apple orchard...

      What innovation? Standard specs for a new phone except for the battery burning 2GHz processor.

        Waterproof coating sounds inovative?

      Not really. Apple maps still isn't functional in Australia and In 56 other countries. I can't wait to see the looks on the iPhone owners faces when something as essential as a map feature and with turn by turn navigation isn't operational on beloved phones.

        'Essential'. You keep using that word, but I do not think it means what you think it means.

        Essential - Adjective: Absolutely necessary; extremely important. Noun: Something absolutely necessary.

        I'd say the only 'absolutely necessary' thing on a phone is the ability to make phone calls, otherwise, you know, it aint a phone.

        Everything after that is coolness and wonder, but not essential.

        Also, there a just a couple of turn by turn apps available in the App Store (and by just a couple I mean lots).

        Also, while it is true that "Apple maps still isn’t functional in Australia", I think most people will be happy to get it in October:

    I can vision that one day our phones will become our own personal computer, dare I say a replacement? Imagine carrying on around which can then auto link itself to a computer monitor which will stream all your content to the monitor from your cell phone.

    Imagine going to a library with one, you'll have EVERYTHING with you on hand. You'll store all your games, movies, photos, documents, etc. I can see these phones someday becoming VERY powerful enough to become a new standard in computing. The only issue is the whole cloud bullshit going on, I hate cloud computing because not only does it create vulnerable information at the hands of mega corporations...... but they still cannot be trusted to handle our content with care without it being erased or lost.

      I thought you were meant to be smarter than this....

    I think this a very good phone..:)

    What are the chances of a Nexus RAZR this year? I'd get behind that!

    I like the design of this phone which with a 2 ghz
    processor shows some innovation unlike the new iphone 5 which really is a massive disappointment but the fanboys will still buy it thinking it's the still the best, how wrong can you be?

      Yes. Congratulations to Intel for their innovative 2 GHz mobile phone chip.

      Oh, and a small round of applause for MotoGoogle for shoehorning it into a device.

    Looks fantastic, but I get the feeling that thing is going to run HOT.

      agreed, I'd also imagine a few articles about exploding batteries

    Looks and sound great but I wish the screen was bigger - more like 4.8inches.

    IPhone runs between 800 MHz and 1 Ghz. This phone is gonna run at 2 Ghz. I think you missed the point of this post. It is faster than any iPhone ever created. Period.

      No, it has a higher clock frequency than any iphone. Whether it does things faster is yet to be seen. Whether it does anything you want to do on a phone in appreciably less time than an iphone or a Galaxy sIII is going to be pretty debateable.

    Phone ahead of its time. Hope it has an additional water cooler add-on

    i think the best thing about this phone is how they hide the ear piece speaker.

    Why wouldn't an Atom-powered phone be running Windows? Seems a bit stupid to me. It also looks quite un-RAZR like, in that it seems a bit thicker than the competition. But the real unanswered question is how quickly the new gen Atom processors will chew through the battery.

    Native compiled apps wont run on an x86 processor - which covers most games. Would be a pain to have to wait for developers to tweak and release an x86 build on Play

    A 2GHz Intel processor.
    --How is this useful on a 4.3" phone screen (in practice, not in theory)

    A 4.3 “edge to edge” Gorilla Glass display.
    --We'll see how that goes with cases.

    Waterproof coating.

    An 8MP camera that can shoot 10 photos in less than a second.
    --But can it shoot them at that speed at 8MP?

    The NFC chip.
    --As with the processor, how much use is this now, in practice?

    Maybe Giz readers are too young to remember Intel's megahertz battle with AMD and the PowerPC makers, but megahertz ain't megahertz. Don't assume that 2GHz = faster than ARM.

    The ARM chips used in most other smartphones use a RISC architecture, meaning that every CPU instruction takes one clock cycle. However, the Intel chips are x86 based, and use a CISC architecture. This means that different CPU instructions can take a number of cycles to execute, so a higher clock speed is required to have operations complete in a similar amount of time.

    Because of the variable-length nature of CISC instructions, some tasks will complete faster than a 1.2 or 1.4GHz ARM chip, but other tasks will take much longer. There is no way you can do an apples-to-apples comparison (pun somewhat intended) of these chips based on their speed MHz (or GHz), but only through benchmarks of the particular tasks you'd like to compare.

    See for a more detailed explanation.

      This ^

      People have no idea about processors and clock speeds, etc... If its got a bigger number, it's better, right? Okay

    Crap on Apple all you like - But remember this. If it wasn't for Apple you wouldn't have a Motorola RAZRi or your precious android for that matter.

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