Monsanto Weedkiller And GM Maize Linked To Tumour Risk

A new study suggests that the world's best-selling weedkiller and the genetically modified maize that is resistant to it are linked to increased risk of tumour growth, multiple organ damage and premature death.

The study, undertaken by a team of researchers at the University of Caen, France, and published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, is the first to investigate the long-term effect of Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller, or the NK603 GM maize resistant to it — for which Monsanto owns the patent.

Groups of rats were fed varying combinations of maize, GM maize and the weedkiller: three were fed diets containing different proportions of Roundup-resistant maize at 11, 22 and 33 per cent; three were fed water laced with varying quantities of Roundup; three were fed both; and others were fed normal maize as a control. The study ran over a two-year period.

The results suggest the rats that fed on the GM maize or given water containing Roundup died significantly earlier than the rats on a standard diet. In hard numbers, 50 per cent of male rats and 70 per cent of female rats died prematurely in the exposed groups, compared to just 30 per cent and 20 per cent respectively in the control group.

The findings show that NK603 and Roundup cause similar damage to rat health, whether they're consumed together or on their own.

GM crops, such as NK603, have previously been approved for human consumption based on 90-day animal trials. However, this study shows that mammary tumours and severe liver and kidney damage occurred in the rats from four months on — which wouldn't have been detected in earlier research.

So what does that mean for you? Well, almost 85 per cent of maize grown in the US is genetically modified, and Monsanto is one of the biggest global suppliers. Remember that those products don't just go into corn on the cob; they're found in chips, cereals, cooking oil and even booze. This study isn't enough to change that yet because it's impossible to apply these findings to different crops. It may, however, spark a little more questioning — and that can't be a bad thing. [Food and Chemical Toxicology via The Grocer]

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    This is what happens when your government is built on big money from self serving companies like Monsanto. Same thing with Cigarettes and weapons in the home. The US Govt is a complete F*#kup, How else would Dubya have gotten into office? Between being poisoned by drug companies and the right to bear assault weapons in the home (apparently), The US has built the most toxic way of life in the world. Bring on the Chinese I say!

    So what about the studies claiming that organic food is no better for you?

      It's not that organic food has any higher or better nutrition levels, they are the same as non organic. It's that they don't use poisons and artificial fertilisers on the food, which makes it eminently better for you. I know which I prefer when I can afford it! :)

      Well it is, in the way chemical fertilisers & pesticides have not been used directly on the plant. Also organic grown fruit & vegetables taste better, especially home grown organic vegetables. It also takes less effort once you get your garden beds set up with a good organic mixture and it's actually cheaper to produce.

      I remember my father telling me of this story on Landline years back where they interviewed an organic farmer and he was saying how much cheaper it was to grow organic than his neighbours who used all sorts of chemicals, and his yields were as good or greater and his soil was much more rich and no compact from years of abuse from chemical fertilisers, pesticides & herbicides.

    Monsanto is the same company that will sell GM seeds to farmers for crops that once fully grown won't produce more seeds

      Sorry Jj, thats wrong. Thats called terminator technology and it was never introduced into a commercial crop...get your facts right champ

        Actually they use Terminator seeds in India. Watch the World According to Monsanto (French made documentary on some of the more gut wrenching practices of Monsanto)

      They also strong-armed the seed cleaners and farmers who reused seeds from other sources.

        Terminator seeds have been banned in India....

      Also, Monsanto is the same company that produced Agent Orange.

      It's an 'insurance' thing, to make sure their GM products don't get out into the wild

      But the problem is
      GM strains have managed to break out and mutate into the environment with unknown impacts on the ecosystem
      What if that 'terminator' gene manages to crossover into a major commercial food crop... though I guess that particular contaminated strain would be short lived.

      Life finds a way

    how could you not use "cyber girl with corn" as the image for this article! opportunity= missed.

    Monsanto is among the worst corporation to ever exist, and one of the most unknown to the public who consumes their product (in some form) almost daily.

    Monsanto, the guys that said bovine growth hormone was safe


      Mosanto = pure scum of the earth

      They however get away with it because of our corrupt, malfeasant and insipid governments, same what happens with mining, big oil ...

    These companies are evil, watched some doco on youtube on how some of these companies in US is making patient on every foods and seeds. Killing off poor farmars around the world and selling them back patented seeds...!! c'mon...! they even wanting to patient on rice, wheat, grass, different types of food like , pasta, noodles, curry..!! WTF happening guys.!! c'mon say something ...

    how about a like to the actual article.... would like to know why so many of their control rats died!!
    In addition how much round up do you think they fed them to produce such a result.. Ie roundup has a very short half life and would be unlikely to come into contact with a corn cob as it is always used very early in the growing season shortly after plant emergence, once the plant canopy is closed it is not really necessary!!

      I'd like to know why Monsanto don't serve GMOs in their own cafeteria

    May yet turn out to be a load of rubbish.

    nice one "just this Guy"

    CSIRO's GM Wheat could destroy your liver if approved for consumption and if you had kids, they would be lucky to reach age five

    Good video summary of the study

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